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TheJewish war against theJews: reflections on Golah, Shoah, Torah.
New York, Ktav, 1984. 147 p.
Discusses paradox of triple commitment to America, Judaism and
Judaism in society, the evidence of the Yerushalmi; toward the natural
history of a religion.
Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1983.
270 p.
Historical study of the Yerushalmi as a “whole system.”
Major trends in formative Judaism: society and symbol in political
Chico, CA, Scholars Press, 1983. pb
Examines how the symbolic structure of Judaism relates to the po­
litical crisis of the Jewish nation in the period ca. 1 - 500 C.E.
Midrash in context: exegesis in formative Judaism.
Fortress, 1983. 217 p.
Study of literature of Midrashim compared with other genres of
interpretative exegesis on Torah , like Mishnah.
Torahfrom our sages, PirkAvot.
Chappaqua, NY, Author, 1984.
214 p.
A new American translation and explanation.
ew m a n
, L
o u is
E .
The sanctity of the Seventh Year; a study ofMishnah Tract­
ate Shebiit.
Chico, CA, Scholars Press, 1983. 267 p. pb
ic k e l s b u r g
, G
e o r g e
W.E. and
ic h a e l
t o n e
Faith and piety in
early Judaism; texts and documents. Philadelphia, Fortress Press,
1983. 234 p.
o v a k
, D
a v id
The image of the non-Jew in Judaism: an historical and con­
structive study of the Noahide Laws.
New York and Toronto, The
Edwin Mellen Press, 1983. 481 p.
Study in history of Judaism, inter-religious relations with Chris­
tians and Muslims, development of Jewish Law and philosophy.
s h r y
, E
p h r a im
Responsa from the Holocaust.
T r . by Y. Leiman. New
York, Judaica Press, 1983. 218 p.
Selections from author’s
Sheilos Utshuvos Mama’makim.
The Passover Haggadah (with) commentary by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.
Jerusalem, Carta, 1983. unpg.
Tex t with English translation.
Ethics of the Fathers. . .
Brooklyn, NY, Mesorah, 1984. 64 p.
Artscroll Mesorah series.
l i s k in
, Z
e l i g
Gateway to happiness.
Monsey, NY, Jewish Learning
Exchange, 1983. 435 p.
Guide to enable achievement of peace of mind, self-esteem, etc.,
thanks to gleanings from religious writings.
Ramban (Nachmanides). Discourse on: The Law of the Eternal is perfect.
T r. by
Rabbi Charles B. Chavel. New York, Shilo, 1983. 115 p. pb
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