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Jewish Juvenile Books
d l e r
, D
a v id
Our Golda: the story of Golda Meir.
Illus. by Donna Ruff.
New York, Viking, 1984. 64 p. (8-12)
Describes early influences on young Golda which led her to de­
vote her life to Zionism and make many personal sacrifices to fur­
ther its cause.
Picture book of Israel.
Illus. with photos. New York, Holiday,
1984. 40 p. (6-10)
Black and white photographs introduce the geography, history,
complexities and meaning of Israel to its varied inhabitants— Jews,
Moslems, and Christians.
e a t t y
, P
a t r i c ia
. Melinda takes a hand.
New York, Morrow, 1983. 196 p.
Spunky Melinda wants to help everyone, including the father of
her newly found Jewish friend. She tries to attract more Jews to
town so that he will have a minyan for services. Offers insight into
the problems of maintaining a Jewish life on the Western frontier.
e h r e n s
, J
u n e
Hanukkah: festivals and holidays.
(Other Lands, Other
People) Illus. with photos. New York, Children’s Press, 1983. 31 p.
A rather dry treatment of the celebration of Hanukkah which in­
tegrates the history of the holiday with its contemporary observance
in a Jewish home, as described by a young girl.
e r g e r
, G
i l d a
Religion; a reference first book.
New York, Watts, 1983. 96
p. (9-12)
A simple dictionary arranged by religion which describes the
values, literature, and personalities of the world’s major religions
and sects. Judaism merits thirty-three entries.
e r g m a n
, D
e n i s e
o r n a
i l l ia m s
Through the year in Israel.
(Through the year series). Illus. by photos. England, distrib. by Da­
vid & Charles, 1983. 71 p. (12 up)
Traces events month by month while including details o f the
country’s history and social customs. Includes maps, charts, miscel­
laneous information, rituals, biography, etc.
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