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u r s t e i n
, C
h a y a
The Jewish kids catalog.
Illus. by the author.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America. 1983. 224 p.
An omnibus of Judaica with chapters on genealogy, history, Jews
around the world and their languages, crafts, recipes, reading lists,
etc. Winner of the National Jewish Book Award for Children’s
Literature, 1984.
What's an Israel?
Illus. by the author. Rockville, MD. Kar-Ben,
1983. 32 p. pb (6-10)
An activity book about Israel filled with games, information, pic­
ture by Beverly to color and stories about Israel.
o h e n
, B
a r b a r a
Here come the Purim players.
Illus. by Beverly Brodsky.
New York, Lothrop, 1984. 32 p. (6-10)
Glorious watercolors with subtle crosshatching reflect the story’s
range of moods — from the sombre medieval ghetto of Prague to
the gaiety o f the Purim Shpiel and its Persian origins. A happy addi­
tion to the literature.
Molly’s pilgrim.
Illus. by Michael J . Deraney. New York,
Lothrop, 1983. unp. (6-10)
A wise teacher explains away an immigrant Jewish girl’s embar­
rassment about her mother’s interpretation of the class assignment
to make a pilgrim doll — making an immigrant doll, instead! “Immi­
grants are also pilgrims!”
e v o r a h
- L
e a h
Lost erev shabbos in the zoo.
Illus. by Siegmund Forst. New
York, Judaica Press, 1983. unp he & pb (3-6)
Bright illustrations on shiny oversized pages show two children,
who must get home before shabbos, lost in the zoo; and the animals
who though also preparing for shabbos, help the children get home
in time. Rhymed text.
d e
a o l a
, T
o m i e
Noah and the ark.
Illus. by the author. New York,
Winston Press, 1983. 30 p. he & pb (3-6)
Simple language, toy-like ark, animals, and people increase the
pre-school appeal of this version of the Noah story. The paperback
edition has removable backdrop and cutouts for use as finger pup­
pets or flannel board characters for storytellers.
ia m o n d
, J
a s p e r
Noah’s ark.
Illus. by the author. New York, Prentice-
Hall, 1983. unp. spiral-bound (6-10)
The wide pages of this Noah’s ark book convert to a model of the
ark and its inhabitants, while its core remains an attractive book with
framed text in large type and bold, busy illustrations. Imported
from England.
r u c k e r
, M
a l k a
Shabbat: a peaceful island.
A Jewish holidays book. Illus.
by Bram Hoban. New York, Holiday, 1983. 95 p. (10-14)
Origins and rituals of Shabbat, themes found in the day, related