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while waiting alone for his father to return to him, shows both
resourcefulness and courage.
o m e r a n t z
, B
a r b a r a
Bubby, me and memories.
Illus. with photos by Leon
Lurie. New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congregations,
1983. unp. (5-8)
A little girl begins to understand that although her beloved
grandmother has been taken from her, the memories of what they
shared can never be taken away. Jewish mourning customs shown.
r o v o s t
, G
a r y
a il
e v in e
- F
r i e d u s
Good if it goes.
Scarsdale, New
York, Bradbury, 1984. 146 p. (10-14)
David’s priorities begin to change when his grandfather-pal be­
comes seriously ill, and he decides that maintaining the Jewish tradi­
tion and its values are more important than “shrimp-league” basket­
ball. Snappy writing and popular appeal.
c h e r m a n
, N
o ssan
l i e z e r
e v i r t z
The story of the Chofetz Chaim.
111. by Yosef Dershowitz. New York, Mesorah, 1983. 158 p. (10-14)
Biography of the famous pious scholar who spurned wealth and
produced an interpretation of Jewish law with explanations for the
ordinary Jew so that he, too, could learn Torah.
c h l e in
, M
i r ia m
Our holidays.
Illus. New York, Behrman, 1983. unp. pb
8 in a set (6-10)
Each set comprises eight individual paperbacks: Shabbat prayers,
blessings, and most o f the holidays of the Jewish year. Simple expla­
nations and attractive watercolor illustrations.
c h o t t e r
, R
o n i
Northemfried chicken.
New York, Philomel, 1983. 144 p.
(12 up)
A Jewish girl, caught up in the excitement of the struggle for Civil
Rights, questions her own motives. Is she simply following a trend or
is her altruism sincere and part of her heritage — J udaism’s concern
for social justice?
c h w a r t z
, A
m y
Mrs. Moscowitz and the Sabbath candlesticks.
Illus. by the
author. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1984.
unp. (4-8)
A pair of tarnished candlesticks pulled from the bottom of a
carton of household furnishings gives a dispirited Mrs. Moscowitz
the incentive to transform the small apartment where she has just
relocated into a home. Charming!
c h w a r t z
, H
o w a r d
Elijah's violin and other Jewish fairy tales.
Illus. by
Linda Heller. New York, Harper, 1983. 302 p. (12 up)
An anthology o f tales from many sources and centuries, reflecting
the historical and religious experiences of the Jews, especially those
of mysticism and miracle. Derived from biblical, talmudic, and folk