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i e g e l
, B
e a t r i c e
Lillian Wald of Henry Street.
New York, Macmillan,
1983. 192 p. (12 up)
Disaffected with her pampered, sheltered way o f life, Lillian Wald
went on to nursing, establishing the visiting nurse service and the
Henry Street Settlement. A very readable biography.
i l v e r m a n
, B
l im a
e u t s c h
Once upon America. Jewish stories of here and
New York, Feldheim, 1983. 156 p. (10-14)
Stories about traditional Jewish life in America with one story set
in Czarist Russia. Filled with ethical principles: tsedakah, compas­
sion and faith in God.
l a t e r
, R
o b e r t
GreatJews in sports.
Introduction by Red Auerbach. New
York, Jonathan David, 1983. 288 p. (12 up)
More than 100 full portraits and many smaller sketches of the
greatest Jewish sports figures of the past two centuries. Includes the
complete list of Israeli Jewish sports heroes from Israel’s Hall of
n y d e r
, C
a r o l
Ike and mama and trouble at school.
New York, Coward,
1983. I l l p. (8-12)
When Ike’s father is called to school because Ike had a fight with
the school anti-Semite, Ike has his employer come instead, getting
deeper into trouble until Mama comes to straighten things out.
o f e r
, B
a r b a r a
The holiday adventures of Achbar.
Nina Gaelen.
Rockville, MD., Kar-Ben, 1983. 64 p. (6-10)
Adventures of a mouse-detective who uses his intuition to solve
mysteries that somehow happen only when the Schuster family cele­
brates Jewish holidays.
u s sm a n
, S
u s a n
There’s no such thing as a Chanukah bush, Sandy Goldstein.
Illus. by Charles Robinson. Niles, 111., A. Whitman, 1983. 48 p.
A grandfather soothes his granddaughter by demonstrating that
one can enjoy other people’s holidays, as they do yours, without
wanting to make their holidays your own.
n s d o r f e r
, S
im c h a
u n em
The yellow star.
New York, Feldheim, 1983.
205 p. he & pb (12 up)
A reissue o f the author’s account o f how he, a devout Jew , man­
aged to keep his faith during the Holocaust.
e in b a c h
, S
h a in d e l
The three merchants and other stories.
Illus. by Yosef
Dershowitz. New York, Mesorah, 1983. 160 p. (10-14)
Traditional and modern stories from Israel, the hasidic and Se­
phardic traditions, and from the historical past and contemporary
times. Some o f the settings are exotic; some of the Jewish characters
unsavory, but the righteous man triumphs in the end.
i e s e l
, E
l i e
The golem.
Illus. by Mark Podwal. New York, Summit
Books/Simon & Schuster, 1983. 105 p. (12 up)