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An Admirable Woman
by Arthur A. Cohen (David R. Godine)
Arthur A. Cohen’s
An Admirable Woman
is a stunning achieve­
ment — an elegant, brilliantly imagined rendering o f the person­
ality o f the Old World as it is remade here in the New World. It is
a novel that moves, delights and instructs, yet never loses sight o f
the ways in which history unfolds. At the heart o f this fine novel is
the portrait o f a very real and very wise woman — a portrait that
is itself wisely, beautifully and memorably wrought.
Judges :
Esther Nussbaum,
librarian, Ramaz Upper School;
literary critic, New York Times;
Jay Neugeboren,
Leon J o ls o n A w a r d
The Quality o f Witness: A Rumanian Diary 1937-44,
by Emil Dorian,
edited by Marguerite Dorian (Jewish Publication Society)
This book is one o f the memorable intellectual documents to
survive the years o f the Holocaust. In an eloquent and moving
fashion it reflects the dilemma o f Emil Dorian, aJewish physician
and writer caught between hopes for an enlightened future and
the ravages o f a terrible history, a dilemma shared by many other
Jewish intellectuals o f the time but rarely presented with such
poignancy. This book is invaluable for the window it opens on
Rumanian anti-Semitism and must be read by anyone who wants
to understand the wartime experience o f Jews in Rumania.
Judges :
Dr. Alvin H. Rosenfeld,
Indiana University;
columnist and author;
Dr. Henry Feingold,
M o r r i s J. and B e t t y K ap lun M em o r ia l A w a r d
Israel in the Mind o f America
by Peter Grose (A l f re d A . K n op f )
Th is book is a rare work o f history because it not only reveals
an area unknown to many readers but also is highly readable.
T h e author has succeeded in combining history with insightful
analyses o f towering personalities, all o f whom had great in flu ­
ence on the concept o f a Jewish State and its birth in