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b iography o f Berl Katzenelson and Shabtai T ev e th ’s b iography
o f Ben-Gurion (thus fa r two volumes have appeared ).
T h e political changes since 1977 have led researchers to give
special a tten tion to o th e r factors in the political life o f Zionism
and the Yishuv; the Revisionist movement and o th e r parties have
no t received adequa te and full scholarly trea tm en t. T h e b road
scope o f settlem ent and the organized cooperative movement
have been researched , bu t the area o f private settlement, pa r ticu ­
larly its u rban phase, has not been docum en ted . We have much
inform ation on the Labor social group ings bu t relatively little on
u rban society and on the m iddle and lower m iddle class elements.
Worthy o f note a re the works:
The First Aliyah,
Mordecai Eliav,
ed itor, (2 vols., Hebrew: Jerusa lem , 1961), and
Two Rothschilds
and the Land of Israel,
by Simon Schama (New York, 1978).
A num be r o f studies have also been m ade o f the “Fifth Aliyah”
and its con tribu tions and o f various private settlem ent bodies.
Military and defense history researchers have p roduced multi­
volume summary projects, such as
The History of the Hagana
(H e­
brew) and
Battles of the Irgun Zvai Leumi
(Hebrew). Such works are
perforce interwoven with the political history o f the Yishuv.
T h e re is a m arked tendency towards establishing a symmetrical
parallel between the u n d e rg ro u n d movements Etzel and Lehi
and the Hagana as the ind ep end en t defense arm o f the Yishuv.
T h e d ifferences in in te rp re ta tion have sha rpened in recen t years
and have been expressed in various books. O f in terest are the
works which describe the transition o f the Hagana from a loosely
organized militia to an army-in-the-making. These include Meir
The Emergence ofZahal
(Hebrew: Tel-Aviv, 1979), and Yigal
Hagana, The Zionist Way to Power
(Hebrew: Te l Aviv,
1979). A valuable con tribu tion to the history o f the defense
effort, which links the Yishuv with Zionism and Jewish history, is
Yoav Gelber’s multi-volume history o f Jewish vo lun teering in the
British army and the Jewish B rigade .13 His books are among
those which po in t to the connection between the history o f the
13 Yoav Gelber
,Jewish Palestinian Volunteering in the British Army During the Second
World War (3
vols., Hebrew: Jerusalem, 1979; 1981; 1983). See especially vol.
The Standard Bearers: Rescue Mission to the Jewish People.