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corrected reprint, edited by H.M. Brecher and A. Avrunin, and
published in New York in 1955.48 It has an English introduction
by Harry Freedman and a bibliographical essay “Otsar
haleqsikografyah ha-ivrit” (A treasure of Hebrew lexicography)
by E.R. Malachi. This edition is the one most often found in
American libraries. Yet more corrections (some of them relating
only to minor variants in vocalization) were collected by a profes­
sor of Bible studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem,
Moshe Goshen-Gottstein, who added them to another reprint in
1967 (later reissued in two handy quarto volumes).49This edition
also contains a list of all Latin abbreviations used by Mandelkern
(names of the books of the Bible and terms used in the
grammatical and etymological explanations) because modern
Hebrew readers are mostly unfamiliar with them. Gottstein also
added a list of words whose roots are difficult to find for those
not trained in the finer points of Hebrew grammar.
The need for such additions was prompted by the immense
popularity and importance of the Bible in Israel. There, the
study of the Scriptures is neither the somewhat esoteric domain
of trained theologians and philologists, nor is it the almost exclu­
sive domain of fundamentalists or religious zealots. It is studied
by young and old, as a holy book, as an historical document, as
the source of Hebrew literature, ancient, medieval and modern,
as the basis of Hebrew grammar, and as a guide to archaeology.
Children start reading it in elementary school, and many people
continue to read it throughout their life, be they religious or
freethinkers, farmers or professors, housewives or prime minis­
ters. All of them, at one time or another, feel the need to look up a
word or phrase, and turn to the concordance as people in other
countries use dictionaries and books of quotations.
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48 ...□’311131D’Ktll.rninVn’yrnipaip.nato/pyp'maKB.
Concordance on the Bible. . .
New edition, revised, corrected and completed by Rabbi ChaimMordechai Brecher, with
supplementary corrections and notes vy Abraham Avrunin . . .
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