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J. Schirmann,
Le-toledot ha-shirah veha-dramah ha-Ivrit
in the history of Hebrew poetry and drama, Jerusalem, Mossad
Bialik, vol. 1, 1979; vol. 2, 1980).
A year before his death, Schirmann was able to collect his stud­
ies and essays that he had published during 1931-1978, and to
arrange them chronologically according to their subject matter.
Vol. 1 is devoted to early Palestinian piyyut and medieval Spanish
and southern French poets; vol. 2 deals with Hebrew poetry in
Italy from its beginnings until approximately 1800, as well as with
Hebrew drama during the 16th-18th centuries. The material has
been revised and the biography of Judah Halevi has been
rewritten on the basis of the Genizah finds of Shlomo Dov
Goitein. This is a monumental work distinguished for its
erudition, expertise and meticulous care in dealing with the liter­
ary creativity of more than a thousand years.
H. Schwarzbaum.
The mishle shu’alim (Fox fables of Rabbi
Berachiah ha-Nakdan:
A Study in Comparative Folklore and Fable
Lore (Kiron near Tel-Aviv, Institute for Jewish and Arab Folk­
lore Research, 1979).
In this comprehensive and penetrating work the author pre­
sents not only competent translations of all the fables by Rabbi
Berachiah ha-Nakdan, who lived in Normandy and England
during the 12th-13th centuries, but examines the various sources
which influenced the fables and offers a comparative folkloristic
analysis. The volume includes the following: Introduction;
Folkloristic Comment on
Mishle shu’alim;
Bibliography; Table of
Narrative Types; Table of Narrative Motifs; General Index.
J. Heinemann,
Prayer in the Talmud.
Berlin: New York, de
Guyter, 1977.
A revised English edition of the author’s Hebrew work,
in the period of the Tannaim and Amoraim, its character and forms
(Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1964). The late Professor Heinemann
was an acknowledged authority in the field of liturgical studies.
J. Heinemann,
Iyyunei tefillah
(Studies in Jewish liturgy,
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1981). Edited by Avigdor Shinan.
Includes twenty-three studies which were collected after the
author’s death. They are divided into the following categories: a)
development of the prayers; b) on the history of prayer and its