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laws; c) beginnings of piyyut; d) short studies and reviews. A bib­
liography of Heinemann’s publications is included.
E.D. Goldschmidt,
Mehkarei tefillah u ’fiyyut
(On Jewish liturgy:
essays on prayer and religious poetry, Jerusalem, Magnes Press,
A collection of thirty-two studies on prayer and piyyut and on
mahzorim according to various rites. The volume opens with an
appreciation of Goldschmidt by E.E. Urbach and concludes with
a bibliography of his publications. Included also are indexes of
prayers, customs, personalities and piyyutim.
D. Pagis, ed.,
Ke-hut ha-shani
(The scarlet thread: Hebrew love
poems from Spain, Italy, Turkey and the Yemen, Tel-Aviv,
Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1979).
An anthology of ninety-nine poems by twenty-three poets,
dating from the 10th to the 18th centuries. The poems are
arranged in twelve sections by subject and motif rather than ac­
cording to chronological order.
Y. Ratzaby, ed.,
Yalkut ha-maqama ha-ivrit
(Anthology of the He­
brew maqama Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik, 1974).
Contains maqama selections by thirty-two kuthors, from Solo­
mon Ibn Zakbel to H.N. Bialik. The editor has contributed a de­
tailed introduction and select bibliography.
Y. Ratzaby, ed.,
Yalkut shirei Teiman
(Anthology of Yemenite
poems, Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik, 1968).
Gathered here are ninety-six poems by thirty poets together
with an introduction. Among the topics dealt with by the editor
are: beginnings and development of Yemenite poetry; Yemenite
and Spanish poetry; character of Yemenite poetry; themes; types
and forms. The poems are divided into eleven categories, and a
select bibliography is included.
L.J. Weinberger, ed.,
Anthology of Hebrew poetry in Greece,
Anatolia and the Balkans,
Cincinnati, Ohio, Hebrew Union College
Press, 1975.
Represented here are the writings of sixty poets, together with
a commentary, notes and variant texts. The poets range from the
11th to the 16th centuries.
L.J. Weinberger, ed.
Romaniote penitential poetry,
New York,
Academy For Jewish Research, 1980.