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chief rabbi there in 1844. Following in his father’s footsteps, he
served as a rabbi and for a while headed Jews’College, the seminary
for rabbis in Great Britain. On his father’s death he succeeded him.
A collection o f his sermons,
Anglo-Jewish memories
(1909), was pub­
lished toward the end o f his life. He also defended Judaism against
its detractors in numerous pamphlets.
J a c o b
A g u s .
75th birthday. Born in Poland, November
8 ,
Conservative rabbi in Baltimore and professor at the Reconstruc­
tionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia, he has published major
works in modern Jewish thought, such as
Modern philosophies o fJuda­
High priest of rebirth
(1946, 1972), a biography o f Chief
Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook o f Palestine;
Dialogue and tradition
(1971), dealing in depth with Judeo-Christian relations;
The evolu­
tion o fJewish thought
(1959, 1973);
The vision and the way
(1966), deal­
ing with Jewish ethics; and most recently,
The Jewish quest
(1983), a
series o f essays. During the controversy involving Arnold Toynbee’s
attitude toward Jews and Judaism, Agus served as a go-between be­
tween the historian and the Jewish community.
L e v i A r y e h A r i e l i .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Shishak, Russia,
October 9, 1886, died in New York in 1943. He lived in Palestine
from 1909-1923, before coming to the United States, where he en­
gaged in teaching. He wrote Hebrew stories and novels, many pub­
lished in literary periodicals in this country and in Palestine.
H i l l e l B a v l i .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Pilvishki, Lithuania, in
1893, died in New York, July 7, 1961. In the United States since 1912,
he taught modern Hebrew literature at the Jewish Theological Semi­
nary o f America. A gifted Hebrew poet, he dealt with a wide range of
subjects, both personal and Jewish. He translated Shakespeare’s
Anthony and Cleopatra
and Charles Dickens’s
Oliver Twist
into Hebrew.
He also wrote
Some aspects of modem Hebrew poetry
D a v i d B e n - G u r i o n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Plonsk, Poland,
October 16, 1886, died in Sede Boker, Israel, in 1973. In Palestine
since the first decade o f this century, he was the leader o f the Zionist
labor movement and was a dominent figure in the Yishuv during
the period o f the Palestine Mandate. With the establishment o f Is­
rael he served as its prime minister from 1948-1953 and again from
1955-1963. Throughout his life he presented his views through the
written and the spoken word. Among the works that appeared in
English there may be mentioned
Israel, a personal
Letters to Paula
Ben-Gurion looks at the Bible
(1972); andM)
talks with Arab leaders (
1973). In Hebrew he published
collections o f speeches covering the whole range o f problems associ­
ated with Zionism and Israel, including a diary covering the Israeli
War o f Independence.