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R a c h e l
Yana it Ben-Zvi. 100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Malin,
Ukraine, May 1886, died in 1979. In Palestine since 1908, she was
married to Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, the second president o f Israel. As a
teacher and founder o f educational institutions, she was an impor­
tant figure in the early development o f the Jewish homeland. She
also edited one o f the first Labor Zionist periodicals. In English
there appeared her autobiography,
Coming home
S h e l d o n
B l a n k .
90th birthday. Born in Mt. Carmel, 111., September
17, 1896. A graduate o f the Hebrew Union College, he has been
professor o f Bible at his alma mater in Cincinnati throughout his
career. In addition to many extensive studies published in the
brew Union College annual,
whose editor he was for a number o f
years, he also wrote
Prophetic faith in Isaiah
Jeremiah, man and
Prophetic thought
(1977), a collection o f articles; and
Understanding the Prophets
(1969) a popular introduction.
L u d w i g (L a j o s ) B l a u .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Putnok,
Hungary, in 1861, died in Budapest, March 26, 1936. A professor at
the rabbinical seminary in Budapest throughout his career, he made
contributions to Jewish scholarship in everyone o f its branches, writ­
ing in German, Hebrew, and Hungarian. O f particular interest
were his studies in Jewish folklore and magic, some o f which were
reprinted in recent years. He paid particular attention to recent ar­
chaeological discoveries and their bearing on talmudic traditions.
L u d w i g B o e r n e .
200th anniversary o f birth. Born Frankfurt am Main,
Germany, May 6, 1786, died in Paris in 1837. One o f the first politi­
cal journalists in Germany, he supported the ideals o f Liberalism
and those o f the French Revolution. The reaction that set in in
Germany after the Napoleonic wars forced him eventually to go into
exile to Paris. There he continued to be a controversial figure and
eventually broke with his friend, Heinrich Heine, a fellow exile. Al­
though converted from Judaism, he continued to plead for the civic
rights o f the Jews in his writings.
J e h i e l B r i l l .
150th anniversary o f birth and 100th anniversary o f
death. Born in Tultshin, Russia, March 3, 1836, died in London,
England, November 12, 1886. He grew up in Jerusalem in a strict
Orthodox family and edited one o f the early Hebrew magazines
Because o f the Turkish government’s disap­
proval he moved it first to Paris, then to Mainz, Germany, and
finally to London. When the first farmers from Russia, sponsored
by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, were dispatched to Palestine to
establish experimental colonies, Brill was selected as a leader o f this
group and wrote an important account o f this venture in Hebrew.
He also edited some medieval Hebrew texts.