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B e r n h a r d B r i l l i n g .
80th birthday. Born near Posen, Germany, June 3,
1906. An archivist in the Jewish community o f Breslau, Germany,
before emigrating to Israel in 1939, he continued to publish histor­
ical studies on German Jewry and Hebrew printing in Germany. In
recent years he was associated with an institute o f Jewish studies in
Muenster, Germany. Among his major works have been studies o f
the history o f the Jews in Silesia and Westphalia.
Yehuda B ur la . 100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Jerusalem Septem­
ber 18, 1886, died there in 1969. Descendant o f a Sephardic rab­
binic family o f Turkish origin, he dealt in his novels and stories with
the life o f his community. Yet, familiar with modern Hebrew litera­
ture by Ashkenazim, he patterned his writings after these models.
In English translation there appeared
In darkness striving
M o s h e D a v i s .
70th birthday. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 12, 1916. A
rabbi, ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary o f America, he
headed its Teachers’ Institute and also served as provost o f the Sem­
inary. Since 1959 he has been associated with the Hebrew
University, first with its Institute o f Contemporary Jewry and later
as professor o f American Jewish history. These activities have gen­
erated conferences and symposia in English and Hebrew. He also
directs a study circle on world Jewry meeting in the home o f the
president o f Israel, which has resulted in numerous publications. A
maior work o f his own has been
The emergence of Conservative Judaism
(1963, 1977).
S a m u e l E i s e n s t a d t .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Borisov,
Russia, March 20, 1886, died in 1970. Before his emigration to
Palestine in 1925, he was head o f the Hebrew and Yiddish depart­
ment o f the Lenin Library in Moscow. For many years he directed
the archive o f the Histadrut. He was also among the founders o f the
Tel-Aviv College o f Law and Economics, the nucleus for Tel-Aviv
University. He wrote much about Jewish law and its modern appli­
cation. He translated the Code o f Justinian and the constitutions o f
the Soviet Union, Poland, and Czechoslovakia into Hebrew. He also
wrote a history o f the Jewish labor movement.
B a r n e t t
E l z a s .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Eydtkuhnen, Ger­
many, in 1867, died in New York, October 18,1936. Since 1890 in this
country, he served for many years as rabbi in Charleston, S.C., before
moving to the New York area. During his period in Charleston, he
published numerous studies on the history o f the Jews in that area,
particularly about the Jewish cemeteries in the rural communities.
His major work was
The Jews of South Carolina
(1905, 1972).
J u d a h E v e n - S h e m u e l (K a u fm a n n ) .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Balta, Russia, May 31, 1886, died in 1976. A graduate o f Dropsie
College, he was active in the Zionist movement and eventually set-