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tied in Palestine and was associated with the Dvir Publishing Com­
pany. He coedited a popular Hebrew-English dictionary, that pas­
sed through many editions. He also prepared a scientific edition o f
the Hebrew translation o f Moses Maimonides’s
Guide to the perplexed
and a new Hebrew translation o f Judah Halevi’s
A b r a h a m F i r k o v i c h .
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in Luck, Poland,
September 17, 1786, died in the Crimea in 1875.
Karaite scholar,
he curried favor with the Russian government to secure better treat­
ment for the Karaites than for the rabbinic Jews by trying to prove
that the Karaites were longer in Russia than the Jews. He undertook
trips to Palestine, where he secured Karaite manuscripts and did
also some excavations in the Crimea. The publication o f the results
o f his researches drew a great deal o f attention originally, but later
many o f his supposed discoveries were judged to be forgeries. Yet,
he secured one o f the largest collections o f Hebrew manuscripts for
the Leningrad library.
B e r n h a r d F r i e d b e r g .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Cracow,
Poland, in 1876, died in Tel-Aviv, January 27, 1961. A bookdealer
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, later a diamond merchant in
Antwerp and Tel-Av iv , he pursued th roughou t his life his
avocation, the history o f the Hebrew book and Jewish genealogy.
His bibliography o f Hebrew books, published in two editions,
1928-31 and 1951-56, the latter reprinted in 1969, is the most exten­
sive bibliography o f rabbinic literature ever published. He wrote nu­
merous works on the history o f Hebrew printing in Poland and
other parts o f Europe. His genealogical studies dealt with promi­
nent rabbinic families.
S o l o m o n G a n z f r i e d .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Ungvar,
Austria-Hungary, in 1804, died there July 31, 1886. A leading Or­
thodox rabbi o f his generation, he is best remembered for his
abridgment o f the
Shulhan arukh
by Joseph Karo, called
K itsur
shulhan arukh.
First published in 1864, it has been reprinted many
times, also with additional commentaries. English translations have
appeared under the title,
Code o fJewish law
(1963) and
Concise code o f
Jewish law
F a n n y G o l d s t e i n .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Kamenets-
Podolsk, Russia, in 1895, died in Boston December 26, 1961. She
became librarian o f a branch o f the Boston Public Library, where
she cultivated and stimulated the Jewish reader. In 1925, she origi­
nated Jewish Book Week, which eventually became Jewish Book
Month on a national scale, now sponsored by the Jewish Book Coun­
cil o f which she became honorary president. She published
(1934), a catalaogue o f books o f Jewish interest in the Westend
Branch o f the Boston Public Library.