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D a v i d G o r d o n .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Podmerecz, near
Vilna, Russia, in 1831, died in Lyck, Germany, May 21, 1886. For
many years he was an editor o f the
the important Hebrew
periodical that helped revive the Hebrew tongue as a secular lan­
guage. He also promoted the Hibbat Zion movement, the forerun­
ner o f political Zionism. He also translated
Dialoghe d ’amore
o f Leo
Hebraeus into Hebrew.
Richard G o t th e i l . 50th anniversary o f death. Born in Manchester,
England, in 1862, died in New York, May 22, 1936. He came with
his father, Rabbi Gustav Gottheil, to the United States as a child and
eventually became professor o f Semitics at Columbia University. He
also headed the Semitics Division at the New York Public Library. A
leader in American Zionism, he wrote one o f the first comprehen­
sive histories o f that movement,
(1914). In addition to many
studies in the wider field o f Semitics his works dealt also with sub­
jects o f specific Jewish interest, such as
The Belmont-Belmonte family
(1917), about an early American Jewish family, and
The life o f Gustav
(1936), his father’s biography.
James K. Gutheim. 100th anniversary o f death. Born in Westphalia,
Germany, in 1817, died in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 11, 1886.
In the United States since 1843, he served as rabbi in Cincinnati,
New Orleans, and New York. He was among the early Reform
rabbis, who collaborated with Isaac M. Wise. A collection o f his ser­
mons was published under the title,
Temple pulpit (
1872). Two years
later there appeared his translation o f vol. 4 o f Graetz’s
History of the
issued by the American Jewish Publication Society, the fore­
runner o f the Jewish Publication Society o f America, which was to
publish a complete translation in 1891.
. 50th anniversary o f death. Born in
Mogilev, Russia, in 1856, died in Haifa, Israel, December 7, 1936.
An active contributor to the Hebrew press in Russia and one o f the
early supporters o f the Zionist movement, he took several trips to
Palestine before settling permanently there in 1907. Throughout
his life he wrote articles promoting the settlement o f Palestine and
founded various magazines for this purpose. He also wrote several
autobiographical volumes that are important for the history o f the
early Yishuv and also a history o f Palestine during World War I.
S h o s h a n a h H a l e v y .
80th birthday. Born in Safed, Israel, May 30, 1906.
For many years she was associated with the Jewish National and Uni­
versity Library in Jerusalem. Her principal work had been a bibliog­
raphy o f Hebrew imprints in Jerusalem from 1841-1891, including
a history o f Hebrew printing there.
M o y s h e L e y b H a l p e r n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Zlotchev,
Galicia, January 2, 1886, died in New York in 1932. Coming to the