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United States in 1908, he expressed in his strongly individualistic
poems the immigrant Jew’s disillusionment in America. He became
associated with the literary group known as
D i Yunge
and partici­
pated in its publications. A bilingual selection o f poems from his first
In New York,
was published in 1982.
J a c o b H a m b u r g e r .
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Loslau, Germany,
in 1826, died in Strelitz (Mecklenburg), Germany, November 10,
1911. For many years rabbi in Strelitz, he succeeded in publishing the
first Jewish encyclopedia in Germany, first edited in 1862, then en­
larged in the 1890s. It was limited, however, to Bible and Talmud.
L o u i s H u r w i c h .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born near Smorgon,
Russia, October, 20, 1886, died in Boston, Mass., in 1967. coming to
this country before World War I, he became a Hebrew educator and
founded the Hebrew Teachers College in Boston. He also estab­
lished one o f the first Hebrew-speaking camps. In Hebrew he pub­
lished an autobiography,
Memoirs o f a Jewish educator
H e n r y H u r w i t z .
100th anniversary o f birth and 25th anniversary o f
death. Born in Butrimonys, Lithuania, July 14, 1886, died in New
York, November 19, 1961. Coming to America as a child, he studied
at Harvard University, where he established a Jewish students
society, called the Menorah Association. It was this organization that
became the springboard for the
Menorah Journal
(1915-1962), in its
time the most prestigious Jewish periodical in the United States.
While his opposition to political Zionism alienated many people, it
was acknowledged that his magazine had given many Jewish writers
their original opportunity.
Is id o r K a lisch . 100th anniversary o f death. Born in Krotoschin,
Germany, in 1816, died in Newark, N .J ., May 11, 1886. Because o f
his liberal religious views he left Germany to become a Reform rabbi
in the United States, where he served in a number o f congregations.
He was associated with Isaac M. Wise in the publication o f his first
Minhag Amerika.
He also translated Lessing’s
der weise
into English in 1869, as well as the
Sefer yetsirah,
the early
mystical work (1877). A collection o f his writings,
Studies in ancient
and modern Judaism
appeared in 1928.
I t z h a k K a t z e n e l s o n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Korelichi,
Russia, July 1, 1886, perished in Auschwitz in 1944. For many years
a Jewish educator in Lodz, Poland, he was an accomplished poet in
both Hebrew and Yiddish. Many o f his children’s poems were set to
I n
English there appeared
The song o f the murderedJewish peo­
(1964), a work written during the Holocaust period, as well as
Vittel diaries
(1973), an account o f his stay in Vittel, France, during
1943, when there was a possibility o f his being permitted to emigrate
to South America.