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S a m u e l K l e i n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Szilas Balhas,
Hungary, November 17, 1886, died in Jerusalem in 1940. A mod­
ern Orthodox rabbi in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, he eventually
became professor o f Palestine geography at the Hebrew University,
His researches in German and Hebrew dealt with the historical ge­
ography o f Palestine, also several regional histories, and the archae­
ology o f the area.
Pinchas Jakob Kohn. 25th anniversary o f death. Born Kobersdorf,
Austria, in 1878, died in Jerusalem August 8, 1961. An Orthodox
rabbi in Germany until the Nazi period, he eventually settled in Is­
rael. In Germany he had published among other works a book on
rabbinic humor that was issued in two editions. More significant are
some o f his editions o f rabbinic texts. He also wrote a bibliography
o f commentaries to the rabbinical classics and a dictionary o f mne­
monic devices used in talmudic literature.
L e o p o l d K o m p e r t .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Muenchen-
graetz, Bohemia, in 1822, died in Vienna, Austria, November 23,
1886. A story writer and journalist, who was active in the Revolution
o f 1848, he based most o f his stories on his observations o f Jewish
life in Bohemia in a time o f gradual assimilation. In English transla­
tion there appeared
Scenes from the ghetto
The silent woman
(1890), and
Christian & Leah
(1895). In the latter work the problem
o f intermarriage is treated.
I s a a c L e w i n .
80th birthday. Born in Wieliczka, Poland, January 14,
1906. Trained for the rabbinate and the law in Poland, he wrote
works in Polish on law and Jewish history before coming to the
United States in 1941. For many years he taught Jewish history at
Yeshiva University and also directed the Research Institute for Reli­
gious Jewry. He represented Agudas Israel, the world federation o f
Orthodox Judaism before the United Nations. Among his collec­
tions o f addresses before the U.N. is
Ten years o f hope (
1971). He also
Religious freedom; the right to practice shehitah
About to be published is
TheJewish community in Poland; historical es­
Outstanding among his Hebrew writings is a seven-volume col­
lective biography o f Torah scholars who perished during the Holo­
Jacob R. Marcus. 90th birthday. Born in Connelsville, Pa., March 5,
1896. An ordained rabbi from the Hebrew Union College in
Cincinnati, he has been teaching Jewish history there for 60 years.
While in the earlier period he concentrated on the European Jewish
communities with works such as
The rise and destiny of the GermanJew
(1934, 1973);
TheJews in the medieval world
(1938, 1975); and
nal sick-care in the German ghetto
(1947, 1978), in the last 30 years he
has dealt almost exclusively with American Jewish history. He