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founded the American Jewish Archives at the Hebrew Union
College, which collects all material bearing on Jews in the Western
Hemisphere and has published a journal by the same name since
1947. These works include
Early American Jewry
(1951-53, 1975);
Memoirs o f American Jews, 1775 -1865
(1955, 1975);
American Jewry,
18th century
The colonial AmericanJews
(1970); and
The Ameri­
can Jewish woman
(1981), a two-volume work, one delineating their
history, the other a collection o f source material.
B e n j a m in M a z a r .
80th birthday. Born in Ciechanowiec, Poland, June
28, 1906. After academic studies in Germany, he came to Palestine
in 1929 and was engaged in archaeological exploration throughout
his career, eventually becoming professor at the Hebrew University.
Among his works published in English translation are
Beth She’arim
(1973-1976), dealing with the results o f the extensive excavations o f
that place, and
The mountain o f the Lord
(1975), about the Temple
Mount in Jerusalem. He served as editor o f the illustrated work,
Views of the biblical world
(1958) and o f
The world history o f the Jewish
: vol. 2:
(1970), and vol. 3:
M o s e s M e n d e l s s o h n .
200th anniversary o f death. Born in Dessau,
Germany, in 1729, died in Berlin January 4, 1786. Mendelssohn is
considered the first modern Jew, in that he participated in the intel­
lectual world o f his time, contributing to German literary and philo­
sophical journals, while at the same time remaining committed to his
Jewish faith. A rationalist, he championed the religion preferred by
the Enlightenment and interpreted Judaism in this fashion. He
fought for the civic emancipation and acculturation o f the Jews. For
the latter he believed that Yiddish should be discarded in favor o f
German. His translation o f the Bible with several like-minded
friends into German, although still printed in Hebrew characters,
was one way to promote this form o f assimilation. In English there
Jerusalem, or the ecclesiastical authority and Judaism
1969, 1983), a work pleading for separation o f church and state to
permit the integration o f the Jews into modern society;
Phaedon, or
the death o f Socrates
(1973), dealing with immortality; and a selection
o f his writings,
Moses Mendelssohn, selections from his writings
I m m a n u e l O l s v a n g e r .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Grajewo,
Poland, in 1888, died injerusalem , July 2, 1961. An active Zionist in
Poland and in Switzerland, where he studied, he settled in Palestine
in 1933. In addition to a volume o f Hebrew poetry, he translated
Divine comedy
and various European, Indian, and Far East­
ern classics into Hebrew. A student o f Jewish folklore and humor he
edited two volumes o f Yiddish humor in transliteration,
L ’Chayim
(1949) and
Royte pomerantsen
J o s e p h O p a t o s h u .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born near Mlave, Poland,