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December 24, 1886, died in New York in 1954. In the United States
since 1907, he was a major Yiddish novelist. Best-known was the
work that appeared in English translation under the title
In Polish
(1938), which deals with the decline o f one o f the hasidic
dynasties, that o f Kotsk. In rich detail he describes the background
o f the period in which the story has its setting.
The last revolt
whose original Yiddish title is
Bar Kokhba
deals with the lives o f
Rabbi Akiba and Bar Kokhba during that tragic period. A collection
o f stories in English translation,
A day in Regensburg
appeared in
D a v i d O p p e n h e im o r O p p e n h e im e r .
250th anniversary o f death. Born
in Worms, Germany, in 1664, died in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Sep­
tember 12, 1736. A rabbinic scholar, who came from an affluent
family and who increased his wealth by marriage, he eventually be­
came chief rabbi o f Prague and all Bohemia. Throughout his life, he
acquired books and manuscripts, which made his library one o f the
largest Hebrew collections in his time. Eventually it was bought by
Oxford University. Several major Hebrew book catalogues were
compiled on the basis o f this collection, the best-known being that o f
Moritz Steinschneider (1852-60), which is considered the pioneer
work in scientific Hebrew bibliography.
K o p p e l
P i n s o n .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Lithuania in 1904,
died in New York, February 5, 1961. Brought to this country as a
child he taught modern history and political science at the New
School for Social Research and at Queens College. His works o f Jew­
ish interest included
Essays on antisemitism (
1942, 1947) and
ism and history
(1958), in which he utilized the approach to national­
ism o f the historian Simon Dubnow. He was also active in the publi­
cation o f the journal
Jewish social studies
and o f the
Yivo annual.
G a b r i e l P r e i l .
75th birthday. Born in Dorpat, Estonia, August 21, 1911.
In this country since 1922, he has written Hebrew poetry under the
influence o f American poets, such as Walt Whitman, some o f whose
poetry he translated into Hebrew. Much o f his poetry has an Ameri­
can setting. A volume o f his poetry in English translation,
Sunset pos­
sibilities and other poems,
is about to be published.
A h a r o n R e u v e n i .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Poltava, Russia,
August 2, 1886, died in Israel in 1971. He followed his brother,
Itzhak Ben-Zvi, the later president o f Israel, in his emigration to
Palestine in 1910. Throughout his life he was active in Hebrew jour­
nalism and wrote in every genre o f Hebrew literature. He also trans­
lated many works from English and French into Hebrew.
I s a a c R o s e n g a r t e n .
100th anniversary o f birth and 25th anniversary o f
death. Born in Zager, Lithuania, December 13, 1886, died in New
York, April 10, 1961. Coming to New York as an infant, he became a