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teacher and administrator o f Jewish day schools in New York and
for many years edited the
Jewish Forum,
a popular Jewish magazine.
He also founded Jewish Library Week in 1927.
Joseph Rozin (Rosen). 50th anniversary o f death. Born in Rogachov,
Russia, in 1858, died in Vienna, Austria, March 5, 1936. For the
greater part o f his life he served as rabbi in Dvinsk, Latvia. A thor­
ough student o f both the Babylonian and the Jerusalem Talmud as
well as the
Mishneh Torah
o f Moses Maimonides, he offered numer­
ous novel interpretations in his commentaries on these works and
his collections o f responsa.
J o s e p h S e h - L a v a n .
80th birthday. Born in the Ukraine, December 15,
1906. In Palestine since 1923 he became eventually a teacher and
literary critic. In recent years he has published anthologies o f criti­
cism on the major modern Hebrew writers.
N a h u m S o k o l o w .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Wyszogrod,
Poland, in 1859, died in London, England, May 17, 1936. A prolific
Hebrew writer, he attracted large groups o f people to modern He­
brew literature through his contributions and edition o f the
the major Hebrew newspaper. When Herzl came upon the
scene, he jo ined the new movement enthusiastically, although
earlier he had reservations about Hibbat Zion, the forerunner o f po­
litical Zionism. Sometime after Herzl’s death he became the secre­
tary general o f the Zionist Organization and was intimately associa­
ted with Weizmann in securing the Balfour Declaration in 1917. For
a time he was president o f the organization. In English there ap­
peared the
History of Zionism, 1600 -1918
(1919, 1969).
O s i a s T h o n .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Lvov, Poland, in 1870,
died in Cracow, Poland, November 11, 1936. A liberal rabbi in
Cracow and an early supporter o f Herzl, he carried on throughout
his life a publicistic activity on behalf o f Zionism and other Jewish
causes. For a number o f years he also served in the Polish parlia­
ment. In his writings he tried to elaborate a philosophical interpreta­
tion o f Zionism.
J a c o b T s u r .
80th birthday. Born in Vilna, Lithuania, October 18, 1906.
In Palestine since 1921, he became an executive in the Zionist Or­
ganization. After the establishment o f Israel, he became a leading
diplomat, serving as ambassador in Latin America and in France.
He wrote on political subjects in Hebrew, French, and Spanish. In
English translation there appeared
Sunrise in Zion
(1967, 1968,
1973), an autobiographical account o f Israel’s history.
N a p h t a i H e r z T u r - S i n a i .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Lvov,
Poland, November 13, 1886, died in Jerusalem in 1973. After stud­
ies in Vienna, he taught at the university there, later at the liberal
rabbinical seminary in Berlin, before settling in Jerusalem, where he