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both fiction and literary criticism. In the former he tried to give an
unvarnished picture o f the new life o f the Jew in Palestine unlike
many o f his contemporaries, who idealized the halutz. In his literary
criticism, he dealt not only with modern Hebrew literature, but
world literature as well.
. 100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Poltava, Ukraine,
January 13, 1886, died in Israel in 1967. A Zionist in Poland and
Russia, settling in Palestine before World War I, but being expelled
by the Turks because o f his opposition to their rule he did not re­
turn until 1935. Throughout his life he was active in the Leftist labor
movement, that was reflected in his numerous articles in Hebrew
and Yiddish.
L e o p o l d Z u n z .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Detmold, Germany,
in 1794, died in Berlin March 18, 1886. One o f the founders o f mod­
ern Jewish scholarship, he devoted studies to medieval liturgical
poetry and homiletical literature. He also wrote articles on Jewish
subjects for German encyclopedias. Only a few o f his works have ap­
peared in English,
Hebrew characteristics, miscellaneous papers
The sufferings o f the Jews during the middle ages
(1907). He also
rendered an important service in editing Nachman Krochmal’s
Moreh nevukhe ha’zeman
(1851), a significant work o f the East Euro­
pean Haskalah.