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American Jewish Non-Fiction Books
A u s u b e l , N a t h a n .
Pictorial history o f theJewish peoplefrom Bible times to our
own day throughout the world.
New York, Crown, 1984. 456 p.
Updated by David C. Gross.
B e i c h m a n , A r n o l d .
Herman Wouk: the novelist as social historian.
N e w
York, Transaction Books, 1984. 100 p.
Study o f Wouk’s writing reveal his concerns with virtue, a tend­
ency which runs against the mainstream o f contemporary novelists.
C a r l i s l e , T h o m a s J o h n .
Eve and after: Old Testament women in portrait.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Erdmans, 1984. 139 p.
Collection o f poems about women in the Hebrew Bible.
D a m b r o f f , S u s a n .
Memory in bone.
San Francisco, CA, Black Oyster
Press, 1984. Unp. Paperbound.
Poems and prose reflecting personal explorations and author’s
thoughts about the Holocaust.
R u t h .
Ornamented bags fo r tallit and tefillin o f the Judah L. Magnes
Berkeley, CA, The Judah L. Magnes Memorial Museum,
1984. 99 p. Paperbound.
F i s c h , H a r o l d .
A remembered fu tu re : a study in literary mythology.
Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1984. 194 p.
F l e c k , J e f f r e y .
Character and content: studies in the fiction of Abramovitsch,
Brenner, and Agnon.
Chico, CA, Scholars Press, 1984, 125 p.
F r i e d m a n , S a u l S .
The Oberammergau Passion Play: a lance against civiliza­
Carbondale, 111., Southern Illinois University Press, 1984. 270
Describes play as source o f unabating anti-Semitic propaganda;
conclusions are based upon author’s personal research and experi­
* A num b er o f books pub l ished abroad are also in c lud ed .
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