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F u c h s , D a n i e l .
Saul Bellow: vision and revision.
Durham, NC, Duke Uni­
versity Press, 1984. 345 p.
Literal and textual criticism.
G a f n i , S h l o m o S . ,
The glory of the Old Testament.
New York, Villard
Books/Random House, 1984. 256 p.
Work presents selected biblical verses with color photographs o f
the Holy Land.
G i n s b e r g , A l l e n .
Collected poems 1947 -1980 .
New York, Harper, 1984.
672 p.
G i r g u s , S am
The new covenant: Jewish writers and the American idea.
Chapel Hill, The University o f North Carolina Press, 1984. 220 p.
Maintains that Jewish writers like Abraham Cahan, Johanna
Kaplan, Saul Bellow and others articulate a modern version o f the
myth and ideology o f America.
G o d e t t , M a r e a
Middletown, CT, Wesleyan York, 1984. 55 p.
H e y e n , W i l l i a m .
Erika: poems o f the Holocaust:
New York, Vanguard,
1984. 128 p.
Revised edition with over 20 new poems.
H im m e l f a r b , M a r t h a .
Tours o f hell: an apocalypticform inJewish and Chris­
tian literature.
Philadelphia, University o f Pennsylvania Press, 1984.
198 p.
Examines seventeen texts culled from Jewish, Christian and Mos­
lem literatures, suggesting their common source in a lost Jewish
work o f the Second Temple period.
The image of the Jew in Soviet literature, the post-Stalin period: part
/ ,
Russian literature (by) Jacob Blum; part 11, Jewish themes and characters in
Belorussian texts (by) Vera Rich.
New York, Ktav, 1984. 276 p.
K a l e c h o f s k y , R o b e r t
R o b e r t a ,
Jewish writingfrom down under:
Australia and New Zealand.
Marblehead, MA, Micah, 1984. 292 p.
Fourth vol. in the Echad anthology series with works by 18 poets,
fiction writers and essayists.
K am p f ,
v r a m .
Jewish experience in the art o f the twentieth century.
Hadley, MA, Bergin & Garvey, 1984. 240 p.
Study o f painting and sculpture that reflects the 20th century
Jewish experience — 193 illustrations.
K a u fm a n , S h i r l e y .
New York, Sheep Meadow, 1984. 80 p.
Poems about Israel from the points o f view o f both Arabs and Is­
K e l l e r , U l r i c h ,
The Warsaw ghetto in photographs: 206 views made in
New York, Dover, 1984. 131 p.
Collection selected from German archives.