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K l e e b l a t t , N o r m a n
J. and
W e r t k i n , G e r a r d
The Jewish heritage in
American folk art.
New York, Universe Books, 1984. 124 p.
Work presents folk portraiture and objects that combine Jewish
themes with American folk tradition.
K r a m e r , A a r o n .
The burning bush: poems and other writings (1940 -1980 ) .
Ed. by Thomas Yoseloff. Cranbury, NJ, Cornwall Books, 1984.
235 pp.
Poems on Jewish themes collected from nine previously published
books by Kramer.
K r u g e r , M o l l e e .
Daughters of chutzpah.
Fresh Meadows, NY, Biblio
Press, 1984. 112 p"
Anthology o f humorous verse on Jewish women.
L a n d o w s k a , M a r i a .
I have no name.
Fort Worth, TX, Marymack, 1984.
65 p.
Poems on Jewish themes and/or about the Holocaust.
L e e f sm a , C l a r i e .
A sigh, a smile
. . . Tel Aviv, Traklin, 1984. 128 p.
L i p t z i n , S o l .
Biblical themes in world literature.
New York, Ktav, 1984,
316 p.
Study o f biblical characters and ideas that stimulated the creative
imagination o f writers.
M i l s t e i n , R a c h e l .
Islamic paintings in the Israel Museum.
Jerusalem, The
Israel Museum, 1984. 220 p. Paperbound.
M i n t z , A l a n .
Hurban: responses to catastrophe in Hebrew literature.
York, Columbia University Press, 1984. 283 p.
Responses to the Holocaust are better comprehended in the light
o f earlier responses to catastrophies.
M i n t z , R u t h F i n e r .
Auguries charms amulets.
Middle Village, NY, Jona­
than David, 1984. 93 p.
N e w m a n , J u d i e .
Saul Bellow and history.
N e w
York, St. Martin’s 1984.
208 p.
Literary analysis o f Bellow’s novels prove their pervasiveness with
a “sense o f history” governing themes and dynamics o f plot.
P a w e l , E r n s t .
The nightmare o f reason: a life of Franz Kafka.
New York,
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1984. 466 p.
Biography o f Franz Kafka (1883-1924).
R o s k i e s , D a v i d
Against the apocalypse: responses to catastrophe in modern
Jewish culture.
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1984.
374 p.
R u b in , A b b a .
Images in transition: the English Jew in English literature,
1660 -1830 .
Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1984. 157 p.