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Explores relationship between reality and literature by examining
portrayal o f Jews in English writings.
S h a p i r o , H a r v e y .
The light holds.
Middleton, CT, Wesleyan University
Press, 1984. 81 p. Paperbound.
Collection o f poems, including section “A Jerusalem notebook.”
S i e g e l , D a n n y .
Unlocked doors.
Spring Valley, NY, Town House Press,
1984. 169 p. Paperbound.
Selection o f poems.
S i l v e r s t e i n , D a v i d
Dazzled by nothing; poems.
Tel Aviv, Eked, 1984.
59 p. Paperbound.
S u s sm a n , V a r d a .
OrnamentedJewish oil-lamps:from the destruction o f the Sec­
ond Temple through the Bar Kokhba revolt.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ, Hu­
manities Press, 1984. 136 p.
Presents picture o f daily life, religion and culture o f the period.
T a u b e , H e r m a n .
We are here; poetic notes.
Rockville, MD, Author, 1984.
56 p.
Poetry on Jewish themes.
V e r d e t , A n d r e .
Chagall’s world: reflections from the Mediterranean.
York, Dial Press, 1984. 124 p.
Author’s extended interview with the artist; photos by Bill
W a g e n b a c h , K l a u s .
Franz Kafka: pictures o f a life.
Tr. from the German
by Arthur S. Wensinger. New York, Pantheon, 1984. 221 p.
Pictorial record o f the life o f Franz Kafka.
A n d e r s o n , B e r n h a r d
W., ed.
Creation in the Old Testament.
Fortress, 1984. 178 p. Paperbound.
B a e z - C a m a r g o , G o n z a l o .
Archeological commentary on the Bible.
City, NY, Doubleday, 1984. 288 p.
B a n g l e y , B e r n a r d
Bible Basic: Bible games fo r personal computers.
York, Harper & Row, 1984. 155 p.
Collection o f computer games, written in BASIC, on a variety o f
Bible topics.
B a r t o n , J o h n .
R ead ing the Old Testament; method in biblical study.
Philadelphia, Westminster, 1984. 256 p. Paperbound.
Integrates biblical scholarship with recent developments in liter­
ary appreciation.
B e r n a r d , B r u c e .
The Bible and its painters.
New York, Macmillan, 1984.
300 p.
274 paintings on biblical themes by well known masters, e.g.
Raphael, Rembrandt, and less known artists; reproduced in color.