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B e r n s t e i n , H e r b e r t
N. and
F r i e d l a n d e r , A l b e r t H . ,
The Five
New York, CCAR Press, 1984. 383 p.
Cantillated Hebrew texts, each accompanied by introduction and
liturgies for the holy days with which they are associated. Illustrated
by Leonard Baskin.
B o a d t , L a w r e n c e .
Reading the Old Testament; an introduction.
New York,
Paulist Press, 1985. 569 p. Paperbound.
C l i f f o r d , R i c h a r d J .
Fair spoken and persuading: an interpretation of Second
New York, Paulist Press, 1984. 202 p.
C l i n e s , D .J .A .
New Century Bible commentary (on) Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.
Grand Rapids, MI, Erdmans, 1984. 342 p. Paperbound.
C o l l i n s , J o h n J .
Daniel with an introduction to Apocalyptic literature.
Rapids, MI, Erdmans, 1984. 120 p. Paperbound.
Vol. XX in series, “The Forms o f Old Testament Literature.”
C r a i g i e , P e t e r C .
Twelve Prophets; Vol. I.
Philadelphia, Westminster,
1984. 239 p. Paperbound.
Contains studies o f Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah.
C r e n s h a w , J a m e s L .
Whirlpool of torment: traditions of God as an oppressive
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 128 p.
Analysis o f biblical texts in which the idea o f “divine testing” plays
a central role.
D h o r m e ,
A commentary on the Book of Job.
Tr. by Harold Knight.
Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 1984. 675 p.
D r a n e , J o h n .
The Old Testament story.
New York, Harper & Row, 1984.
192 p.
Presented as a chronicle o f the relationship between the Jewish
people and their God from Abraham to the Maccabees.
The Five Megilloth; Hebrew text and English translation with introduction and
commentary. Rev. ed.
Ed. by A. Cohen. New York, The Soncino Press,
1984. Vol. one: Song o f Songs; Ruth; Lamentations — 208 p. Vol.
two: Ecclesiastes; Esther — 189 p.
F r a a d e , S t e v e n D .
Enosh and his generation: pre-Israelite hero and history in
postbiblical interpretation.
Chico, CA, Scholars Press, 1984. 301 p.
G o d e t , F r e d e r i c
Studies in the Old Testament.
Grand Rapids, MI,
Kragel, 1984, 351 p.
Presents Christian Fundamentalist theology on a number o f
subjects, e.g. angels, creation, etc. Discusses also four main
prophets, Book o f Job and Song o f Songs.
G r a n t , R o b e r t
and T
r a c y , D a v i d .
A short history of the interpretation of the
2nd ed. Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 213 p. Paperbound.
H a y e s , J o h n H .
P r u s s n e r , F r e d e r i c k .
Old Testament theology; its his­
tory and development.
Atlanta, GA, John Knox Press, 1985. 290 p.
Analysis o f methodologies followed in works which deal with “Old