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Testament theology”; covers period from Martin Luther to the
H i l l e r s , D e l b e r t R .
Micah: a commentary on the Book o f the prophet Micah.
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 116 p.
A volume in the Hermeneia series.
H o p p e , L e s l i e
What are they saying about biblical archeology'?
New York,
Paulist Press, 1984. 107 p. Paperbound.
Traces developments in biblical archeology and the controversies
it engendered.
I s r a e l i t - G r o l l , S a r a h ,
Pharaonic Egypt: the Bible and Christianity.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1985. 382 p. Paperbound.
J o n e s , G w i l y m H .
New Century Bible commentary: 1 and 2 Kings.
Rapids, MI, 1984. Paperbound. Vol. I — I Kings 1 -— 16:34. 300 p.
Vol. II — I Kings 17:1 through 2 Kings 25:30. 365 p.
K n i g h t ,
Isaiah 4 0 -5 5 : Servant theology.
Grand Rapids, MI,
Erdmans, 1985. 204 p.
“International Theological Commentary” series which stresses
the theological significance o f the text, rather than its exegesis; writ­
ten from the point o f view o f Christian theology.
K o c h , K l a u s .
The prophets: Vol. I, the Assyrian period.
Tr. from the Ger­
man by Margaret Kohl. Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 181 p.
Pays particular attention to the prophets as thinkers, offering in­
tellectual profiles o f each.
L e v e n s o n , J o n D .
S ina i and Z ion: an entry into the Jew ish Bible.
Minneapolis, Minn., Winston Press, 1985. 227 p.
L o n g , B u r k e
I Kings with an introduction to historical literature.
Rapids, MI, Erdmans, 1984. 265 p. Paperbound.
Vol. IX in series o f 24 volumes dealing with form-critical analysis
o f the Hebrew Bible.
M c C o n v i l l e ,
I and II Chronicles.
Philadelphia, Westminster, 1984.
270 p. Paperbound.
Describes God’s purpose for His people during the period o f res­
toration following the exile.
M a t r i n - A c h a r d , R .
R e ’em i , S . P a u l .
Amos & Lamentations: God’s peo­
ple in crisis.
Grand Rapids,
M i ,
Erdmans, 1985. 134 p.
“International Theological Commentary” series; emphasis is on
theological significance from the Christian standpoint, rather than
on exegesis.
M i l l a r d , A l a n .
Treasuresfrom Bible times.
M I ,
Lion Publishing,
1985. 189 p.
Relates archeological discoveries to the Bible.
M i l l e r , W i l l i a m
Mysterious encounters atMamre andJabbok.
Chico, CA,
Scholars Press, 1984. 243 p.
Study o f texts in Gen. 18: 1-16 and Gen. 32: 23-33.