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Account o f Auschwitz survivor’s return trip to Poland 30 years
after the war.
B i e r m a n , J o h n .
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1984. 255 p.
Saga o f 500 Jews from Bratislava who journeyed by boat to reach
the Jewish Homeland; it began in May 1940 and ended four years
B i r m i n g h a m , S t e p h e n .
The rest of us: the rise o f America’s Eastern European
New York, Little, Brown, 1984. 390 p.
B l u m b e r g , J a n i c e R o t h s c h i l d .
One voice: Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild and
the troubled South.
Macon, GA, Mercer University Press, 1985. 239 p.
Memoir o f Rabbi Rothschild’s work in behalf o f racial justice.
B o r d e n , M o r t o n .
Jews, Turks, and infidels.
Chapel Hill, The University
o f North Carolina Press, 1984. 163 p.
Studies in Jewish struggles for religious equality in America.
B r a h a m , R u d o l p h
L., ed
.Jewish leadership during the Nazi era: patterns of
behavior in the free world.
New York, Institute for Holocaust Studies
o f the City University o f New York, 1985. 154 p.
Argues for restraint in criticizing leaders o f ghettos (Judenratn);
questions whether everything possible was done in the free world to
rescue victims o f Nazism.
B r u c e ,
Abraham and David; places they knew.
New York, Thomas
Nelson, 1984. 132 p.
Traces the courses o f the two biblical heroes, thus highlighting
their respective positions as founder and consolidator o f the Jewish
B u r n s , R o b e r t I.
Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the crusader kingdom of
Valencia: societies in symbiosis.
New York, Cambridge University
Press, 1984. 363 p.
Includes chapters on reconstructing the Jewish communities o f
the kingdom from documentary fragments, and biographical por­
traits o f several Valencian Jews.
B y r n e , F r a n k
L. and
S o m a n , J e a n P o w e r s ,
Your true Marcus: the
Civil War letters of aJewish colonel.
Kent, OH, The Kent State Univer­
sity Press, 1985. 353 p.
C a lm a n n , M a r i a n n e .
The carriere o f Carpentras.
New York, Oxford Uni­
versity Press, 1984. 286 p.
History o f the Jews in Carpentras, Northern Provence, from the
13th century through modern times.
C a r m e l , H e rm a n .
Black days, white nights.
New York, Hippocrene Books,
1984. 323 p.
Autobiographical — describes life in remote Siberian regions un­
der Soviet regime.
C o h e n , A m n o n .
Jewish life under Islam: Jerusalem in the sixteenth century.
New York, Harvard University Press, 1984. 267 p.