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Examines the population and leadership o f the Jewish commu­
nity during the first century o f Ottoman rule.
C o h e n , N a o m i
Encounter with Emancipation: the German Jews in the
United States 1830 -1914 .
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1984. 407 p.
Comprehensive account o f German Jews in 19th century
C o r e n t h a l , M i c h a e l
Cohen on the telephone: a history o fJewish recorded
humor and popular music 1892 -1942 .
Milwaukee, Wis., Yesterday’s
Memories, 1984. 107 p. Paperbound.
C o s e r , L e w i s
Refugee scholars in America; their impact and their experi­
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1984. 351 p.
Study o f the role o f refugee intellectuals from Nazi Europe in the
social sciences and humanities in America.
D a g a n , A v i g d o r ,
The Jews o f Chechoslovakia; historical studies and
surveys, vol. III.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1984.
700 p.
D e L a n g e , N i c h o l a s .
Atlas o f theJewish World.
N e w
York, Facts on
F i le ,
1984. 240 p.
In three parts: 1. Historical background o f the Jews; 2. Cultural
background; 3. Jewish world today.
D a y , J o h n .
God’s conflict with the dragon and the sea: echoes of a Canaanite
myth in the Old Testament.
New York, Cambridge University Press,
1985. 233 p.
D i c k e r , H e r m a n .
Creativity, Holocaust, reconstruction: Jewish life in
Wuerttenberg, past and present.
New York, Sepher-Herman, 1984.
284 p.
Focuses attention on Jewish communal life in rural communities
o f Southwestern Germany in the past 150 years.
D im o n t , M a x
The amazing adventure of the Jewish people.
New York,
Behrman, 1984. 176 p. Paperbound.
Presents history o f the Jewish people through the ages.
D o b r o s z y c k i , L u c j a n ,
The chronicle of the Lodz ghetto, 1941 -1944 .
by Richard Lourie, Joachim Neugroschel and others. New Haven,
Yale University Press, 1984. 551 p.
Materials reflect calculated plans o f the Nazi regime to totally liq­
uidate the Jewish community through hunger, deportation to death
camps, slave labor and murder.
D r a k e , J a m e s E .
Richard Tucker.
New York,
D u t t o n ,
1984. 304
p .
D r u k s , H e r b e r t .
Not in vain: a Holocaust documentary.
New York,
Irvington Publishers, 1984. 166 p. Paperbound.
DutchJewish history.
Ed. by Joseph Michman and Tirtsah Levie. Proceed­
ings o f the symposium on the history o f the Jews in the Netherland,