Page 221 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 43

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Autobiographical account including references to impact o f anti-
Semitism on author’s career.
G r a n t , M i c h a e l .
The history o fAncient Israel.
New York, Scribner’s, 1984.
316 p.
Traces evolution from earliest settlements in Canaan to the de­
struction o f the Second Temple.
G r o bm a n , A l e x , e d .
Simon Wiesenthal Center annual, vol. I.
Los A n g e le s ,
CA, 1984. 250 p.
Articles on the Holocaust, refugees, postwar trials, contemporary
G r o s s e r , P a u l
A. and
H a lp e r in , E dw in G.
Anti-Semitism; causes and ef­
New York, Philosophical Library, 438 p.
Revised edition, including historical overview from 70 C.E. to
1970 with reference to anti-Zionism.
G u tm a n , Y i s r a e l
S c h a t z k e r , C ha im .
The Holocaust its significance.
Jerusalem, The Zalman Shazar Center, The Historical Society o f
Israel, 1984. 248 p.
H e n r y , F r a n c e s .
Victims and neighbors: a small town in Nazi Germany re­
South Hadley, MA, Bergin & Garvey, 1984. 201 p.
Autobiographical work, asserting that decency was not altogether
obliterated among Germans under Nazi regime.
H e r z o g , Z e ’ev .
Beer-Sheba II: the early Iron Age settlements.
Tel Aviv, Tel
Aviv University, 1984. 134 p.
Highlights o f archeology; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem, The Israel
Museum, 1984. 158 p. Paperbound.
H i ld e b r a n d ,
The Third Reich.
Tr. by P.S. Falla. Winchester, MA, Allen
& Unwin, 1984. 184 p.
Discusses genocide o f European Jewry within the context o f other
aspects o f Nazis’ atrocities.
International biographical dictionary o f Central European emigres, 1933-1945;
Vols. 2 and 3.
Herbert A. Strauss and Werner Roeder, eds. New
York, K.G. Saur, 1984. Vol. 2 — 1938 p.; vol. 3 — 281 p.
Reference work including 4600 entries on academics, scholars
and artists who fled Nazi persecution.
I s r a e l , B en jam in
The Bene Israel of India; some studies.
New York, Apt
Books, 1984. 248 p.
Deals with history, religious evolution and socio-demographic as­
pects o f the community.
J a c k e l , E b e r h a r d .
Hitler in history.
Hanover, NH, University Press o f
New England, 1984. 115 p.
Fresh insights on the historiography o f the Nazi era.
K a r a s , J o z a .
Music in Terezin 1941-1945 .
New York, Pendragon Press/
Baufort Books, 1984. 223 p.