Page 222 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 43

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To create an image o f “good living” in concentration camps, the
Nazis promoted musical activity in Terezin, a record o f which is
presented in this work.
K arp , A b r a h am J .
Haven and home: a history o f the Jews in America.
York, Schocken, 1985. 401 p.
K a t c h e n , A a r o n
Christian Hebraists and Dutch rabbis.
Cambridge, M
A ,
Harvard University Press, 1984. 391 p.
Deals with Hebraism in the Western intellectual tradition.
K e e l , O t h m a r .
The symbolism o f the biblical world.
Tr. from the German by
Timothy J. Mallet. New York, Crossroads, 1985. 422 p.
Discusses biblical borrowings from earlier cultures.
.aym an , R i c h a r d .
The f irst Jew: prejudice and politics in an American
community, 1900 -1932 .
Malden, MA, Old Suffolk Square Press,
1985. 175 p.
K l e in , G e r d a W e issm an .
A passion fo r sharing: the life o f Edith Rosenwald
Chappaqua, NY, Rossel Books, 1984. 301 p.
Recounts the story o f the Rosenwald and Stern families, especially
Mrs. Stern’s involvement in philanthropic work.
A b r a h am .
Child of war and revolution: the memoirs o f Abe Koosis.
CA ,
Sea Urchin Press, 1984. 79
A m em o ir o f the a u th o r ’s c h i ld h o o d in pre- and p o s t ­
revolutionary Russia.
K o w a l s k i , I s a a c ,
Anthology on armedJewish resistance, 1939 -1945 ; vol.
Brooklyn, NY,Jewish Combatants Publishing House, 1984.647 p.
Contains over forty accounts o f Jewish resistance to the Nazis by
partisans, underground activists, and Jewish soldiers in the Allied
K r a k o w sk i , S h m u e l .
The war o f the doomed: Jewish armed resistance in
Poland, 1942 -1944 .
New York, Holmes
Meier, 1984. 340 p.
K ram e r ,
D o n i e l .
The Day School and Torah Umesorah: the seeding of
Traditional Judaism in America.
New York, Yeshiva University Press,
1984. 211 p.
History o f Torah Umesorah.
K r a u s e , C o r i n n e A z e n .
Isaac W. Frank, industrialist and civic leader
1 8 5 5 - 1 9 3 0 .
P ittsburgh , PA, H istorica l Soc iety o f W estern
Pennsylvania, 1984. 200 p.
L a c o u t u r e , J e a n .
Pierre Mendes France.
Tr. by George Holoch. New
York, Holmes & Meier, 1984. 486 p.
L e a n e y ,
The Jewish and Christian world 2 0 0 B.C. to A.D. 200 .
York, Cambridge University Press, 1984. 259 p.
A student beginner’s guide to the history o f Judaism and Christi­
L e v i , P r im o .
The periodic table.
Tr. from the Italian by Raymond
Rosenthal. New York, Schocken, 1984. 233 p.