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Author’s youthful confrontations with love, genocidal war, and
his decision to join the anti-fascist underground.
L ew is , B e r n a r d .
TheJews o f Islam.
Princeton, Princeton University Press,
1984. 245 p.
Portrays Judeo-Islamic tradition and traces its origins in the early
Middle Ages.
L ib o , K e n n e t h
H o w e , I r v in g ,
We lived there too.
New York, St.
Martin’s/Marek, 1984. 352 p.
Portrait o f life for Jews migrating westward from 1630 to 1930.
L i n k l a t e r , M a g n u s ,
et al.
The Nazi legacy: Klaus Barbie and the interna­
tional fascist connection.
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston,
1984. 355 p.
L ip s c h i t z , C ha im
Franco, Spain, theJews, and the Holocaust.
New York,
Ktav, 1984. 237 p.
Despite his anti-Semitic statements, Franco saved over 45,000
Jews from the Holocaust.
L itm a n , J a c o b .
The economic role ofJews in Medieval Poland: the contribu­
tions of Yitzhak Shipper.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America,
1984. 306 p.
M i l l e r , A v i g d o r .
Exalted people: history ofpeople of Israelfrom destruction of
Second Sanctuary down to the sealing of the Talmud.
New York, Author,
1984. 310 p.
M o s s e , G e o r g e
Toward a f ina l solution: a history of European racism.
Madison, The University o f Wisconsin Press, 1985. 277 p.
N om b erg -P rzy tyk ,
S a r a .
Auschwitz: true talesfrom a grotesque land.
Ed. by
Eli Pfefferkorn and David H. Hirsch. Tr. by Roslyn Hirsch. Chapel
Hill, T h e University o f North Carolina Press, 1985. 185 p.
O b e rm an , H e ik o A .
The roots of anti-Semitism in the age of Renaissance and
Tr. from the German by James I. Porter. Philadel­
phia, Fortress, 1984. 163 p.
Oxford Bible atlas, revised third edition.
Ed. by Herbert G. May, et al. New
York, Oxford University Press, 1984. 144 p.
P a w e l , E r n s t .
The nightmare of reason: a life of Franz Kafka.
New York,
Farrar Straus Giroux, 1984. 466 p.
P e k i e r , A l t e r .
From Kletzk to Siberia: ayeshivah bachur’s wanderings during
the Holocaust.
Ed. by Gertrude Hirschler. Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1985.
160 p.
A volume in the Arts Scroll history series.
P fa u , R i c h a r d .
N o
sacrifices too great: the life of Lewis L. Strauss.
Charlottesville, University Press o f Virginia, 1984. 314 p.
P o sm a n t i e r , H a r r y .
The last o f the unnumbered men; a memoir o f the Holo­
New York, Vantage, 1984. 180 p.