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Gruesome story o f a Nazi atrocity perpetrated upon 20 Jewish
children, with some o f the murderers still living in comfort.
S e i d e l , R o c h e l l e
The outraged conscience.
Albany, State University o f
New York Press, 1984. 246 p.
Discusses passivity regarding the presence o f Nazi war criminals
in America.
S e v i l l i a s , E r r ik o s .
Tr. from the Greek by Nikos
Stavroulakis. Port Jefferson, NY, Cadmus Press, 1984.
Author’s account o f his imprisonment by the Nazis in Auschwitz
for 16 months.
S h a in , R u c h om a .
“All fo r the boss.”
New York, Feldheim, 1984. 439 p.
Biography o f author’s father Yaakov Yosef Herman, renowned
educator and founder o f two yeshivas on the Lower East Side.
S h a p ir a , A n i t a .
Berl: the biography o f a socialist Zionist: Berl Katzenelson
1887 -1984 .
New York, Cambridge University Press, 1984. 400 p.
S h a p i r o , S id n e y ,
Jews in Old China; studies by Chinese scholars.
York, Hippocrene Books, 1984. 204 p.
In addition to the community in Kaifeng, Jews lived in large num­
bers in Chinese cities, and their history can be traced back to the 7th
S h a t y n , B r u n o .
A priva te war: su rv iv ing in Poland on fa lse papers
1941 -1945 .
Tr. by Oscar E. Swan. Detroit, Wayne University Press,
1985. 285 p.
S h e p h e r d , N a om i .
A refugeefrom darkness: Wilfrid Israel and the rescue of the
New York, Pantheon, 1984. 291 p.
S h m u l e v i t z , A r y e h .
TheJews o f the Ottoman Empire in the latefifteenth and
sixteenth centuries: administrative, economic, legal and social relations as
reflected in the Responsa.
Leiden, Brill, 1984. 207 p.
S i l v e r , E r i c .
Begin: the haunted prophet.
New York, Random House,
1984. 278 p.
Biography o f Menachem Begin.
S o n n e n f e l d , S h l o m o Z a lm en .
The story of Reb Yosef Chaim: the life and
times o f Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, the guardian o f Jerusalem.
Adapted by Shimon Finkelman from H a lsh al HaChomah.
Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1984. 156 p.
S o r in , G e r a l d .
The prophetic minority: American Jewish immigrant radicals
1880-1920 .
Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1985. 211 p.
S t i f f e l , F ran k .
The tale of the ring: a Kaddish.
New York, Pushkart, 1984.
348 p.
A Holocaust memoir.
The Third Reich at war; a historical bibliography.
Santa Barbara, CA, ABC-
Clio Information Service, 1984. 270 p.
Compendium o f over 1000 abstracts from journals in English,