Page 226 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 43

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Hebrew, German, Polish and other languages. Over 300 entries
deal with the Holocaust and resistance movements.
U d o v i t c h , A b r a h am L.
The last Arab Jews: the communities o f Jerba,
New York, Harwood Academic Publishers, 1984. 178 p.
Portrays the life and history o f two Jewish villages in Jerba, ex­
ploring how they resisted assimilation and migration.
V a n L e e r , Wm.
Time o f my life.
Jerusalem, Carta, 1984. 383 p.
Autobiography o f a dedicated co-worker in the establishment and
growth o f Israel.
W e i n s t e i n , F r id a S c h e p s .
A hidden childhood 1942 -1945 .
Tr. by Barbara
Loeb Kennedy. New York, Hill and Wang, 1985. 151 p.
A Jewish girl’s sanctuary in a French convent.
The whims o ffortune: the memoirs of Guy de Rothschild.
New York, Rainbow,
1985. 337 p.
W ie d e r , L u d v ik
C o h e n , J o e l
I promised my mother.
New York,
Shengold, 1984. 207 p.
Autobiographical account by a Hungarian Jewish survivor o f
W.W. II.
W i ld a v s k y , A a r o n .
The nursingfather:Moses as political leader.
AL, University o f Alabama Press, 1984. 262 p.
Concludes that our understanding o f the Mosaic Bible is en­
hanced by treating it as a source on political leadership.
W o l f e , R o b e r t .
Dark Star.
New York, Memory Books, 1984. 266 p.
Study o f the relationship between Jewish and world history.
W ym an , D a v id S.
The abandonment o f the Jews: America and the Holocaust,
1941 -1945 .
New York, Pantheon, 1984. 444 p.
Discusses the indifference and hostility o f the Western nations, es­
pecially America and Britain, regarding efforts to rescue Jews
trapped by the Hitler regime.
Y a d in , Y i g a e l .
The Temple Scroll: the hidden law o f the Dead Sea sect.
Pearlman, ed. New York, Random, 1985. 261 p.
Y e ’o r , B a t .
The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam.
Rutherford, NJ,
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1985. 444 p. Paperbound.
Revised and enlarged English ed. o f text originally published in
Paris, 1980, in French.
A d am s , Jam e s .
The unnatural alliance.
Salem, NH , Quartet Books/
Merrimack, 1984. 218 p.
Deals with alliance between Israel and South Africa.
A h a r o n i ,
General Sharon’s war against Time magazine; his trial and
New York, Steimatzky, 1985. 336 p. Paperbound.
A v n e r i , A r i e l L.
The claim o f dispossession: Jewish land-settlement and the