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E l i a v , Y a a c o v .
Tr. from Hebrew by Mordecai Schreiber. New
York, Shengold, 1984. 272 p.
Autobiographical work by participant in Israel’s struggles for in­
dependence and statehood.
E p s t e in , L a w r e n c e J .
Zion’s call: Christian contributions to the origins and
development o f Israel.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America,
1984. 165 p. Paperbound.
F e ld m a n , L i l y G a r d n e r .
The special relationship between West Germany and
Boston, Allen
Unwin, 1984. 330 p.
Documented chronologic-analytical study.
F in e , L e o n .
Will the real Israel please stand up?
New York, Sepher-
Hermon, 1984. 278 p.
Revised guide to Israeli life, people, culture, religion, politics and
G i lm o u r , D a v id .
Lebanon: the fractured country.
New York, St. Martin’s,
1984. 224 p.
Account o f the Lebanese civil war and its origins, culminating in
the Israeli invasion in 1982.
G r o s e , P e t e r .
A changing Israel.
New York, Vintage/Council o f foreign
Relations, 1985. 129 p.
An analysis o f the political, economic and social realities o f Israel.
Guide to America—Holy Land Studies 1620 -1948 , Vol. 4.
Kaufman and Mira Levine, eds. Introd. by Moshe Davis. New York,
Praeger, 208 p.
A listing o f resource material in British, Israeli and Turkish re­
H a l p e r i n , S am u e l .
The political world of American Zionism.
New York, In­
formation Dynamics, 1985. 431 p.
Socio-political study o f the rise o f Zionist political action in
H e i lm a n , S am u e l .
The gates behind the wall: a pilgrimage toJerusalem.
York, Summit, 1984. 203 p.
Account o f the author’s efforts to immerse himself in Talmud
study and to learn how to connect the ancient texts with his life in
the modern secular milieu.
H e rm a n , D o n a l d
The Latin American community o f Israel.
New York,
Praeger, 1984. 151 p.
Study focuses attention on emigration o f Jews from Latin Ameri­
can countries to Israel.
H i r s c h o r n , P a u l ,
comp, and transl.
Jokes from Israel.
Jerusalem, La
Semana, 1984. 141 p. Paperbound.
J a c o b y , H i l l a
M a x .
The Jews
God’s people.
Grand Rapids,
M I ,
Zondervan 1984. unp.