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R e i c h , W a l t e r .
A stranger in my house: Jews and Arabs in the West Bank.
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1984. 133 p.
Examines controversy between Jews and Arabs regarding this
R u d in ,
Jam e s .
Israel fo r Christians: understanding modern Israel.
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 149 p.
Introduction to the origin and development o f Zionism and the
State o f Israel.
S c h i f f , Z e ’e v
Y a ’a r i , E h u d .
Israel's Lebanon War.
Tr. from the He­
brew by Ina Friedman. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1984. 320 p.
Account o f the war and the political events that took place behind
the scenes.
S c h n a l l , D a v id
Beyond the Green Line: Israeli settlements west o f the Jo r­
New York, Praeger, 1984. 163 p.
Profile o f the people who live on the West Bank.
S c h w e id , E l i e z e r .
The Land o fIsrael: National Home or Land o fDestiny.
from the Hebrew by Deborah Greniman. New York, Herzl Press,
1985. 225 p.
S h e rm a n , A r n o l d an d H i r s c h h o r n , P a u l .
Israel high technology.
J e ru sa lem , La S em an a P u b lish in g ,
1984. 220
p. P a p e r b o u n d .
S h o l o m -A l e i c h e m .
Why do theJews need a land of their own?
Tr. from the
Yiddish and Hebrew by Joseph Leftwich and Mordecai
New York, Herzl Press/Cornwall Books, 1984. 242 p.
Volume includes all o f author’s writings on the subject o f Zionism
and the Jewish National Home.
S o s h u k , L ev i
E i s e n b e r g , A z r i e l ,
Momentous century.
New York,
Herzl Press/Cornwall Books, 1984. 471 p.
Over one hundred eyewitness accounts o f the rise and develop­
ment o f the Jewish homeland, 1875-1978.
S p i e g e l , S t e v e n
The other Arab-Israeli conflict: making America’s Middle
East policy from Truman to Reagan.
Chicago, The University o f
Chicago Press, 1985. 522 p.
Major study o f U.S. policymaking toward the Arab-Israeli
S t e i n , K e n n e t h
The land question in Palestine, 1917 -1939 .
Chapel Hill,
The University o f North Carolina Press, 1984. 314 p.
Traces process o f land transfers from Arab ownership to Jews.
T e v e t h , S h a b t a i .
Ben-Gurion and the Palestinian Arabs; from peace to war.
New York, Oxford University Press, 1985. 234 p.
Reviews Ben-Gurion’s various positions regarding the Arab pop­
ulation in Palestine.
W e i s b o r d , R o b e r t
G. and
K a z a r ia n , R i c h a r d J r .
Israel in the Black
American perspective.
Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1985. 213 p.