Page 231 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 43

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Discusses Black-Jewish estrangement and erosion o f Black sup­
port for Israel.
Y e rm iy a ,
My war diary.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Hillel Schenker.
Boston, MA, South End Press, 1984. 159 p. Paperbound.
Records aftermath o f the Lebanese invasion.
Aura: a reader in Jewish womanhood.
New York, Lubavitch Women’s
Organization, 1984. 110 p.
Manual on role o f Jewish women.
A x e l r o d , A l b e r t
Meditations o f a maverick rabbi.
Ed. by Stephen J.
Whitfield. Chappaqua, NY, Rossel Books, 1985. 170 p. Paper-
B a s s e r , H e r b e r t
Midrashic interpretations of the Song of Moses.
York, Peter Lang, 1984. 314 p. Paperbound.
Translation and commentary o f the text o f
Sifre H a ’azinu
32), including comments on midrashic forms, dating o f traditions,
apologetica and polemica in Midrash.
B e r g , P h i l ip .
The wheels o f a soul: reincarnation, your life today
and to­
Jerusalem, Research Centre o f Kabbalah, 1984. 224 p.
Interprets Kabbalah teachings and concepts regarding reincarna­
B e r r y , D o n a l d
Mentality: the vision o fMartin Buber.
Albany, State Uni­
versity o f New York Press, 1985. 121 p.
Buber’s philosophical search for the sense and reality o f “spiritual
habitation” in the world.
B i a l e , R a c h e l .
Women and Jewish Law: an exploration of women’s issues in
halakhic sources.
New York, Schocken, 1984. 292 p.
B lu m e n k r a n t z , A v r o h om .
Gefen poriah: the laws of niddah, a digest.
B ro ok lyn , A u th o r ,
1984. 449 p.
Compendium o f ritual traditions regarding a woman during her
menstrual period and immersion in the miqveh.
B o k s e r , B a r u c h
The origins of the Seder: the Passover rite and early Rab­
Berkeley, University o f California Press, 1984. 188 p.
Analytical study based upon earlier accounts in Mishnah and sub­
sequent changes in the ritual.
C o h e n ,
S im ch a .
TheJewish heart; essays onJ ewish sensitivities.
New York,
Ktav, 1985. 217 p.
Collected writings o f Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, Vol. I l l : Jewish symbolism.
Marc Breuer, et al. eds. Tr. from the German by Paul Forchheimer.
Spring Valley, NY, Philip Feldheim, 1985. 260 p.
Second vol. to appear in projected 8 vol. edition o f Hirsch’s