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“Gesammelte Schriften.” Examines symbolic meaning o f milah,
tsitsit, tefilin and mikdosh.
The complete Art Scroll Siddur.
Nosson Scherman, ed. Brooklyn, NY,
Mesorah, 1984. 991 p.
Includes new English translation, section on halakhic issues and
other innovative features.
C o o p e rm a n , B e r n a r d
Dov, ed
.Jewish thought in the sixteenth century.
York, Harvard University Press, 1984. 491 p.
Papers o f colloquium originally held at Harvard University Cen­
ter for Jewish Studies.
E c k s t e i n , Y e c h i e l .
What Christians should know about Jews and Judaism.
New York, Word Books, 1984. 336 p.
Introduction to Judaism — its beliefs and values.
F isch, Dov
A h a r o n i
.Jews fo r nothing: on cults, intermarriage, and assimila­
New York, Feldheim, 1984. 368 p.
Discusses intellectual confusion among contemporary Jewish
college youth.
G i l a t ,
Eliezer ben Hyrcanus: a scholar outcast.
Ramat Gan, Bar-Ilan
University Press, 1984. 536 p.
G o l d b e r g , M i c h a e l .
Jews and Christians getting our stories straight: the Exo­
dus and the Passion-Resurrection.
Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1985.
224 p. Paperbound.
G o r d o n , H a im
B l o c h , J o c h a n a n ,
Martin Buber; a centenary
New York, Ktav, 1984. 493 p.
Contains translations o f lectures and discussions o f the Buber
Centenary Conference at Ben Gurion University, January 1978.
G r a f f y , A d r ia n .
A prophet confronts his people: the disputation speech in the
Rome, Biblical Institute Press, 1984. 184 p. Paperbound.
G r e e n , W i l l i a m S c o t t ,
Approaches to ancient Judaism: Vol. IV.
CA, Scholar’s Press, 1984. 187 p.
Essays focus attention on liturgy, biblical and legal exegesis, and
talmudic narrative.
Haggadah fo r the liberated lamb.
Roberta Kalechofsky, ed. Marblehead,
MA, Micah, 1985. 96 p. Paperbound.
Haggadah for Jewish vegetarians.
H e r r i n g B a s i l
.Jewish ethics and Halakhah fo r our time; sources and com­
New York, Ktav, 1984. 242 p.
Analysis o f nine ethical concerns o f modern society, presenting
halakhic views which frequently contrast with secular and non-
Jewish views.
H e s c h e l , A b r a h am J o s h u a
. I askedfo r wonder: a spiritual anthology.
Ed. by
H .
Dresner. New York, Crossroad, 1984. 122
Collection o f aphorisms grouped around themes, e.g. God,
prayer, Sabbath, religion.