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H i n n e l l s , J o h n R.
A handbook of living religions.
New York, Viking
Penguin, 1984. 528 p.
Survey o f existing religions around the world, including article on
Judaism by Rabbi Alan Unterman.
H o l b r o o k , C l y d e
The iconoclastic deity: biblical images of God.
Cranbury, NJ, Associated University Presses, 1984. 235 p.
Study on the subject o f religious images.
J a c o b s , L o u i s .
The book ofJewish belief.
New York, Behrman, 1984. 250 p.
Survey o f the basics o f the Jewish faith and values.
The talmudic argument.
Cambridge, Cambridge University
Press, 1984. 220 p.
A tree of life: diversity, flexibility, and creativity inJewish Law.
York, Oxford University Press, 1984. 310 p.
Work focuses attention on the premise that Halakhah is influ­
enced by the social, economic, theological and political conditions
surrounding its exponents.
J u n g k , P e t e r S t e p h e n .
Shabbat: a rite o f passage in Jerusalem.
Tr. by Ar­
Wensinger and Richard H. Wood. New York, Times Books,
1985. 148 p. Paperbound.
Extolls the glories o f the sacred day o f rest.
K a p la n , A r y e h .
Jewish meditation; a practical guide.
New York, Ktav,
1985. 168 p. Paperbound.
K a t z , R o b e r t L.
Pastoral care and theJewish tradition: empathic process and
religious counseling.
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 120 p.
Introduction to counseling as it is practiced by rabbis in their reli­
gious role.
K e h a t i , P in h a s ,
Chapters o f the Fathers.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Abra­
ham J. Ehrlich and Avner Tomaschoff. New York, World Zionist
Organization, 1984. 360 p.
Tr. o f Pirke Avot with commentaries selected from traditional
K i r s c h n e r , R o b e r t ,
ed. and tr.
Rabbinic responsa of the Holocaust era.
York, Schocken, 1985. 159 p. Paperbound.
K r o h n , P a y s a c h
Bns Milah: circumcision the Covenant of Abraham.
Brooklyn, NY, Mesorah, 1985. 192 p. Paperbound.
A compendium o f laws, rituals, and customs from birth to brit,
anthologized from talmudic and traditional sources.
L ev i B en G e r sh om (G e r s o n id e s ) .
The Wars of the Lord; book one: Immortal­
ity of the Soul.
Tr. by Seymour Feldman. Philadelphia, Jewish Publi­
cation Society, 1984. 256 p.
L i g h t h o u s e , J a c k
The commerce of the Sacred: mediation o f the Divine
among Jews in the Graeco-Roman period.
Chico, CA, Scholars Press,
1984. 216 p.