Page 234 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 43

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Examination of Jewish belief and rituals intended to mediate be­
tween earthly and heavenly realms.
L o e w e n b e r g , R o b e r t J .
An American idol: Emerson and the Jewish idea.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America, 1984. 138 p.
Of fers a measure o f self understanding regarding the philosophy
o f liberalism.
The Metsudah Shavuos reader: a Machzor supplement fo r Synagogue and home.
Tr. and annot. by Avrohom Davis. Brooklyn, NY, Metsudah, 1984.
127 p.
Includes texts o f Akdamus, Ruth, Torah readings, Mishnayot
Bikkurim — all with linear translations.
M inor tractates o f the Talmud.
Abraham Cohen, ed. New York, Soncino,
1984. 480 p.
Includes Hebrew texts with English tr. on facing pages o f Avoth
d’Rabbi Nathan, Derekh Eretz Rabbah, Derekh Eretz Zuta, Perek
Hashalom, and other tractates.
Mishnah Berurah: Vol. 3, the laws o f Sabbath (authored by) Yisroel Meir Ha-
Ed. by Avriel Orenstein. Spring Valley, NY, Philipp
Feldheim, 1984. 499 p.
Hebrew and English texts o f sections 308-324 o f Shulhan Arukh
Orah Hayyim with commentaries by the Chofetz Chaim.
M o n t i , J o s e p h E.
Who do you say that I am? The Christian understanding of
Christ and anti-Semitism.
New York, Paulist Press, 1984. 98 p.
Indicates that the Christian legacy o f anti-Semitism challenges
Christian faith and theology at their very core.
Moses Maimonides’ treatise on resurrection.
Tr. by Elimelekh Polinsky.
Brooklyn, NY, Ta Shma Media, 1984. 76 p.
New translation from the Arabic
M a g a la f i Tehiyyat ha-Metim,
addition to the Hebrew translation by Shmuel Ibn Tibbon.
M o z i a n i , E l i y a h u .
Torah o f the alphabet.
Herborn, West Germany,
Baalschem Press, 1984. 120 p.
M u s sn e r , F r a n z .
Tractate on the Jews: the significance o f Judaism fo r the
Christian faith.
Tr. from the German by Leonard Swidler.
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1984. 339 p.
N e u s n e r , J a c o b ,
Ancient Judaism; debates and disputes.
Chico, CA,
Scholars Press, 1984. 283 p.
Collection o f essays.
N e u s n e r , J a c o b .
Formative Judaism: religious, historical, and literary studies,
fourth series; problems o f classification and composition.
Chico, CA, Schol­
ars Press, 1984. 214 p.
Papers relate to the logic which allegedly guided the creators o f
post-biblical texts, including Talmud, Midrash and Philo.
A history o f the Mishnaic Law o f Damages; part three Baba Batra,
Sanhedrin, Makkot.
Leiden, Brill, 1984. 293 p.