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Maintains that modern secular thought does not provide basis for
a satisfactory world view.
R a p h a e l , M a r c L ee .
Profiles in AmericanJudaism: the Reform, Conservative,
Orthodox, and Reconstructionist traditions in historical perspective.
N ew
York, Harper &
R ow ,
1985. 238 p.
Return to the source; selected articles onJudaism and Teshuva.
York, Feldheim, 1984. 360 p. Paperbound.
Vol. 3 o f the translated Hebrew series “El Hamekorot.”
R o s n e r , F r e d .
Medicine in the Mishneh Torah o f Maimonides.
New York,
Ktav, 1984. 325 p.
Systematic presentation o f materials on medicine in the
14-volume code.
R o t e n s t r e i c h , N a t h a n .
Jews and German philosophy: the polemics o fEman­
New York, Schocken, 1984. 266 p.
Traces impact o f German philosophers on evolving Jewish
thought, in both Western and Eastern Europe.
R u b in , G e r s h o n .
The Hebrew saga.
New York, Philosophical Library,
1984. 204 p.
Stories o f biblical heroes are used as basis for a discussion o f the
evolution o f moral values.
S a c h a r , H o w a r d M.
Diaspora: an inquiry into the contemporaryJewish world.
New York, Harper
Row, 1985. 539 p.
Account o f the Jewish “third world” outside o f Israel and North
Safed spirituality, rules of mystical piety; The Beginning o f Wisdom.
Tr. and
introd. by Lawrence Fine. New York, Paulist Press, 1984. 205 p.
A volume in the series, “The Classics o f Western Spirituality.”
S c h w a r t z , R i c h a r d H
.Judaism and global survival.
New York, Vantage,
1984. 179 p.
Advocates the application o f insights o f Judaism to resolve global
Sefer HaHinnuch (The book o f IMitzvahl Education), vol. I l l ; Leviticus, Part 2.
Tr. from Hebrew and ed. by Charles Wengrov. Spring Valley, NY,
Philip Feldheim, 1984. 517 p.
A bilingual edition with fully voweled Hebrew text o f the re­
nowned exposition o f the 613 Mitzvot.
The Shalom Seders: three Haggadahs compiled by the New Jewish Agenda.
York, Adams Books, 1984. 101 p. Paperbound.
Shemirath Shabbath; a guide to the practical observance o f Shabbath, Vol. I (by)
Yehoshua Y. Neuwirth.
Ed. and tr. by W. Grangewood. Spring Valley,
NY, Philip Feldheim, 1984. 326 p.
Comprises the first 22 chapters o f the Hebrew original.