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S h e n k e r , I s r a e l .
Coat of many colors: pages from Jewish life.
Garden City,
N.Y., Doubleday, 1984. 395 p.
33 essays on Judaism.
Shir Hama’alot L ’David (Song o f the Steps) and K tav Hitnazzelut L ’Darshanim
(in defense o f preachers) (by) David Darshan.
Tr. and annot. by Hayim
Goren Perelmuter. New York, Ktav, 1984. 231 p.
Presents background on David Darshan, itinerant preacher in
Cracow, plus translations o f two o f his books.
S h m u e l i , E fr a im .
Crossroads o f modem thought: studies in Spinoza, Hegel,
Marx, Husserl and Mannheim.
Tel Aviv, Eked, 1984. 190 p.
Sm ar t, N in ian .
The religious experience of mankind; 3rd edit.
New York,
1984. 634
History o f the human religious experience from prehistoric times
to the present, including a section on Judaism.
S o l o v e i t c h i k , J o s e p h
Five addresses, delivered to conventions o f the
Mizrachi Religious Zionist Movement during the period 1962-1967 .
Jerusalem, Tel Or Institute, 1983. 209 p.
S p e c t o r , S h e i l a
Jewish mysticism: an annotated bibliography on the
Kabbalah in English.
New York, Garland, 1984. 389 p.
Covers material relating to Kabbalah and its interpretation pub­
lished in English from 1659 to the present.
S p iro , J a c k
learn and to teach.
New York, Philosophical Library,
1984. 128 p.
Discusses philosophy o f Jewish education.
S t r a s s f e l d , M i c h a e l .
The Jewish holidays; a guide and commentary.
York, Harper & Row, 1985. 248 p.
The Oral Tradition: an outline of rabbinic literature throughout the
Tr. from the Hebrew by Haim Schachter and Larry Nitzan.
New York, World Zionist Organization, 1984. 194 p.
W e r n e r , E r i c .
The sacred bridge: the interdependence of liturgy and music in
synagogue and church during thefirst millenium, Vol. II.
New York, Ktav,
1984. 271 p.
W h i t e f i e l d , S t e p h e n J .
Voice ofJacob, hands of Esau: Jews in American life
and thought.
Hamden, CT, Archon Books/The Shoe String Press,
1984. 322 p.
Examines the Jewish experience in 20th century America.
W y s h o g r a d , M i c h a e l .
The body of faith: Judaism as Corporeal Election.
New York, Winston, 1984. 265 p.
Argues that Judaism has been denigrated by “rationalistic influ­
ences” from Maimonides to Spinoza. Discusses also the premise that
in Judaism God’s indwelling permeates all o f Israel, unlike the
Christian idea o f incarnation in one individual — Jesus.