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Z e i t l i n , I r v i n g
Ancient Judaism.
Cambridge, Polity Press, 1984.
314 p.
A b r a h am s o n , D a v id .
Confessions o f Son o f Sam.
New York, Columbia
University Press, 1985. 245 p.
Psychobiography by the forensic psychiatrist appointed to exam­
ine repeated killer David Berkowitz.
C h a n t i l e s , V i lm a L i a c o u r a s .
The new ethnic food market guide and cook­
New York, Dodd, Mead. 1984. 370 p.
Cook unto others: a gourmet kosher cookbook.
Cincinnati, OH, Hillel Jewish
Student Center, 1984. 140 p.
Includes section on Passover dishes.
D a v id , S u zy .
The Sephardic kosher kitchen.
Middle Village, NY, Jonathan
David, 1984. 228 p.
Recipes popular among Sephardim in Bulgaria.
D a v i s , L e n w o o d
G., ed.
Black Jewish relations in the United States,
1752 -1984 ; a selected bibiography.
Westport, CT, Greenwood Press,
1984. 130 p.
A t te n t io n is f o c u s e d o n J ew ish su p p o r t o f b lack c iv il r igh ts .
D o w n s , D o n a l d A l e x a n d e r .
Nazis in Skokie: freedom, community, and the
f irst amendment.
N o t r e D am e , In d . , U n iv e r s ity o f N o t r e D am e P ress ,
1985. 227 p.
Combines social history with informed legal interpretation.
Fiddler in the kitchen.
Southfield, MI, National Council o f Jewish Women,
Greater Detroit Section, 1984. 190 p.
Collection o f recipes.
Thef irs t international conference on communal living (communes and kibbutzim)
Israel, 1981.
Norwood, PA, Kilbrith Studies Book Series, 1984.
139 p.
The Jewish manual.
New York, Nightingale Books, 1984. 244
Facsimile o f a Jewish cookbook published in England in 1846.
L ev y , E s t h e r .
Jewish cookery book.
Garden Grove, CA, Pholiota Press,
1984. 210 p.
Facsimile o f First Jewish cookbook published in America —
Philadelphia, 1871.
M i l l e r , Y i s r o e l .
In search of the Jewish woman: a Torah journey.
N Y ,
Philip Feldheim, 1985. 148 p.
Argues for the traditional role o f the Jewish woman as the guard­
ian maintaining balance in her family.
N a s h , H e l e n .
Kosher cuisine.
New York, Random House, 1984. 320 p.