Page 239 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 43

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Lists over 250 recipes adapted from the cuisine o f France, Italy,
the Orient, Greece and America.
O r in g , E l l i o t t .
The jokes o f Sigmund Freud: a study in humor and Jewish
Philadelphia, University o f Pennsylvania Press, 1984.
151 p.
Discusses relationship between “messages” o f the jokes and
Freud’s own psychological state.
Perspectives on Jewish population research.
Ed. by Steven M. Cohen, et al.
Boulder, Colo., Westview Press, 1984. 215 p.
i c t o r .
From Moscow to Main S t.: among the Russian emigres.
Little, Brown and Co., 1984. 247 p.
Work deals with problems o f acculturation.
R o se , E v e l y n .
The complete international Jewish cookbook.
Salem, NH,
Merrimack Publishers, 1984. 320 p.
Lists over 650 recipes including holiday foods.
R o s e n b e r g , S t u a r t
The newJewish identity in America.
New York, Hip-
pocrene Books, 1985. 290 p.
Brings insights o f history, sociology and psychology to bear upon
an understanding o f American Jewish life from the colonial period
to the present.
S c h n e id e r , S u sa n
W e i d m a n .
Jewish and female: choices and changes in our
lives today.
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1984. 640 p.
Explores how feminism has reshaped private lives and public in­
stitutions in the contemporary Jewish community.
S e l t z e r , S a n f o r d .
Jews and non-Jews getting married.
New York, Union o f
American Hebrew Congregations, 1984. 411 p.
Sociological study.
Z a e t z , S e lm a .
Selma Zaetzs favorite ethnic recipes.
Shelburne, VT, 1985.
250 p.
Revised edition o f author’s “Gourmet International” published in
A h r o n i , R eu b en ,
Hebrew Annual Review, Vol.
7 ,
1983: biblical and other
studies in honor of Robert Gordis.
Columbus, OH, Ohio State
University, 1984. 263 p.
Am ery , J e a n .
Radical Humanism; selected essays.
Ed. and tr. from the Ger­
man by Sidney Rosenfeld and Stella P. Rodenfeld. Bloomington,
Indiana University Press, 1985. 144 p.
Essays from the years 1967-78, dealing with author’s self identity
as a Jew, leftist anti-Semitism, Simone Weil, Warsaw ghetto and re­
habilitation o f the Third Reich.