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A r o n o f f , M y r o n
J., ed.
R e lig ion a n d po litics: p o l i t ica l an thropo logy III .
Brunswick, Transaction Books/Rutgers University, 1984. 139 p.
’Collection of essays.
a r n s t o n e
, W
i l l i s
The other Bible.
New York, Harper & Row, 1984.
742 p.
Collection of ancient texts excluded from the Hebrew and Chris­
tian Bibles, e.g. Dead Sea Scrolls, Midrash, Nag Hammadi Library,
Christian Apocrypha, Gnostic Scriptures.
e n
v r a h a m
, R
e u v e n
M., ed.
Chazon: vision, an anthology o f creative writ­
ing on Jewish themes.
Memphis, Tenn., Molad, 1984. 74 p.
Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook, Vol. XCIII.
Stevens, Elliot
L., ed. New York, Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1984.
462 p.
Bulk of material in this vol. comprises addresses delivered at the
94th annual conference of the CCAR.
The complete letters of Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess 1887-1904 .
Tr. and
ed. by Jeffrey Moussaief Masson. Cambridge, MA, Bellknap/
Harvard University Press, 1984. 505 p.
Offers insights into the creative processes at work in the forma­
tion of Freud’s psychoanalytic concepts.
ContemporaryJewry: Studies in honor ofMoshe Davis.
Geoffrey Wigoder, ed.
Jerusalem, The Institute of Contemporary Jewry/The Hebrew Uni­
versity of Jerusalem, 1984. English, 279 p.; Hebrew, 162 p.
Issued on the 70th anniversary of Dr. Davis, this collective volume
features studies on various aspects of Jewish life in America and
elsewhere. Included is a bibliography of the writings of the honoree.
i a m a n t
, A
n i t a
The new Jewish wedding.
New York, Summit, 1985.
268 p.
Suggests alternative ideas for Jewish weddings in America.
Evangelicals andJews in an age ofpluralism.
Marc H. Tannenbaum, Marvin
R. Wilson, and A. James Rudin, eds. New York, Baker Book, 1984.
285 p.
e l d m a n
, L
o u i s
Josephus and modern scholarship (1937-1980).
Hawthorne, NY, Walter de Gruyter, 1984. 1055 p.
Critical bibliography updating author’s “Scholarship on Philo and
Josephus (1937-1962),” arranged by topic with critical comments.
r e e n s p a h n
, F
r e d e r ic
E., et al., eds.
Nourished with peace: studies in Helle­
nisticJudaism in memory of Samuel Sandmel.
Chico, CA, Scholars Press,
1984. 237 p.
a r d u f
, D
a v i d
e n d e l
English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English dictionary.
Willowdale, Ontario, Harduf Hebrew Books, 1984. 241 p. in E-Y
section and 118 p. in Y-E section.
Hebrew Union College Annual, vol. 54 (1983).
Sheldon H. Blank, ed. New