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Proceedings of the American Academy fo r Jewish Research, vol. LI, 1984.
Jerusalem, The American Academy for Jewish Research, 1984. 174
+ 22 p. Paperbound.
Proceedings of the Association o f Orthodox Jewish Scientists, Vol. 7: Behavioral
Sciences and mental health.
Charles A. Naiman and Paul Kahn, eds.
New York, Sepher-Hermon, 1984. 229 p.
Proceedings o f the Rabbinical Assembly eighty-fourth annual convention, May 13
to May 17, 1984 , Vol. XLVI.
Jules Harlow, ed. New York, The Rab­
binical Assembly, 1985. 230 p. Paperbound.
R ib a l o w , H a r o l d
U. and
R ib a l o w , M e i r
The Jew in American sports.
4th revised ed. New York, Hippocrene Books, 1985. 457 p.
R o s e n f e l d , A l v i n
Imagining Hitler.
Bloomington, Indiana University
Press, 1985. 121 p.
Work deals with the disturbing fascination with the “Hitler myth”
noticeable in art and folklore in the Western world.
Sefer Hanisyonot: the book o fmedical experiences attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra.
Ed., tr. and compiled by J.O. Leibowitz and S. Marmy. Jerusalem,
Magnes Press, 1984, 345 p.
S h a p o l s k y , Ia n .
TheJewish trivia and information book: trivia Judaica.
York, Steimatsky, 1984. 400 p. Paperbound.
Includes over 1400 items on Jewish religion, art, history, current
S im on , M e r r i l l
.Jerry Falwell and theJews.
Middle Village, NY, Jonathan
David, 1984. 172 p.
Contains exchanges in form o f questions and answers by author
and Falwell regarding Jews.
S im on s , L e o n a r d
Simons says: faith , fu n and foible.
Birmingham, MI,
Leo M. Franklin Archives o f Temple Beth El, 1984. 334 p.
S o l o m o n , F l o r a
L i t v i n o f f , B a r n e t .
A woman’s way: the memoir of
Flora Solomon.
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1984. 239 p.
Record o f various types o f welfare work, including help for immi­
grants to Israel at the time o f its founding.
S p e r b e r , D a n i e l .
A dictionary of Greek and Latin legal terms in rabbinic liter­
Ramat Gan, Bar-Ilan University Press, 1984. 226 p.
Studies in the American Jewish experience II: contributions from the Fellowship
Program of the American Jewish Archives.
Jacob R. Marcus and Abra­
ham J. Peck, eds. Lanham, MD, University Press o f America, 1984.
219 p.
Focuses attention on American Jewish history.
Studies in contemporary Jewry; vol. I.
Eds. Jonathan Frankel, et al.
Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1984. 584 p.
Inaugural volume including monographs, review essays, reviews
o f over 100 books and listing o f recently completed doctoral disser­