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Jewish Juvenile Books
A p p lem a n ,
a r l e n e .
A seder fo r Tu B ’Shevat.
Chari R. McLean.
Rockville, MD., Kar-Ben, 1985. 32 p. (4-Adult)
Inspired by a 16th century kabbalist seder in Safed, it includes
three seder plates for three species o f fruit, four cups o f wine, songs,
blessings and crafts.
A s h a b r a n n e r , B r e n t .
Gavriel and Jemal:
two boys o f Jerusalem. Photos
by Paul Conklin. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1984. 94 p. (8-12)
The unspoken agenda o f this photo essay is the claim to
Jerusalem. It is about aJewish and Arab boy whose surface similari­
ties belie the deep divisions among their people, and indicates that
the future o f Jerusalem lies in their ability to accommodate each
A t k i n s o n , L in d a .
In kindling flame.
The story o f Hannah Senesh,
1921-1944. New York, Lothrop & Shepard, 1984. 256 p. (12 up)
A n
absorbing biography o f the moral, physical and philosophical
courage o f a sensitive poet-Zionist, who became a resistance fighter.
Her story is linked with the larger one o f the Holocaust experience.
B en jam in , C a r o l L ea .
Nobody’s baby now.
New York, Macmillan, 1984.
157 p. (12 up)
Olivia, overweight at 15 and in love, must deal with caring for her
senile grandmother who has temporarily come to stay with her fam-
B o b e r , N a t a l i e
Breaking tradition; the story o f Louise Nevelson.
York, Atheneum, 1984. 166 p. (12 up)
Traces the life o f a Russian-born Jewish sculptress, her lengthy,
difficult artistic and personal struggle for recognition and self-
realization; her odyssey from tradition to assimilation, to involve­
ment with Jewish concerns.
B o o n e , P a t .
Pat Boone’s favorite Bible stories fo r the very young.
Hans Wilhelm. New York, Random House, 1984. 61 p. (3-6)
An adaptation o f Bible stories for telling aloud, with many asides
to the children and exclamation points. Includes: Genesis stories o f
the Garden o f Eden, Noah and the Tower o f Babel, and Joseph,