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Samson, David, Daniel and Jonah. Have not detected any Christian
B r i n n , R u t h E s r ig .
More let’s celebrate. Fifty-seven all-new Jewish holiday
crafts fo r young children.
Illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn. Rockville,
MD„ Kar-Ben, 1984. 72 p. (6-10)
Using ordinary supermarket cast-offs and found materials, five to
six crafts are utilized for each o f eleven holidays, from Shabbat to
Shavuot. Handsome, gay illustrations make decorated paperbags;
orangejuice cans converted into Kiddush cups and plastic berry bas­
kets look positively glamorous.
B u r s t e i n , C h a y a M
.Joseph and Anna’s time capsule: a legacyfrom oldJewish
Illus. by Nancy Edwards Calder. New York, Summit, 1984.
40 p. (8-12)
A discussion o f Jewish artifacts displayed in the traveling exhibit
“The Precious Legacy,” provides the impetus for this re-creation o f
the daily life and religious observance o f two Jewish children in 19th
century Prague. Includes suggestions for making one’s own time
C e d a rb a um , S o p h ia
A f irst book of Jewish holidays.
Illus. by Marlene
Lobell Ruthen. New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congrega­
tions 1984. 72 p. pb (6-10)
A reprinted edition o f eight formerly separate stories about Jew­
ish children observing the holidays, now in one attractive volume
with the same stilted, dated writing. Includes: Shabbat, Sukkot,
Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, etc.
C h a ik in , M ir iam .
Ask another question: the story and meaning o f Passover.
Illus. by Marvin Friedman. New York, Clarion, 1985. 96 p. (8-12)
The author’s latest addition to her holiday series, and one o f her
best. Traces the origin and development o f the holiday, other exo­
duses in Jewish history, including the Holocaust, and Soviet and
Ethiopian Jewry. Songs, symbols and rituals, index:
Lower! Higher! You’re a liar!
Illus. by Richard Egielski. New
York, Harper & Row, 1984. 133 p. (8-12)
Molly vows to retrieve a timid friend’s bracelet from the block’s
bully, only to find out that the bully has problems too. Fourth in a
I should worry, I should care; Finders, weepers;
Getting even.
Shake a palm branch: the story and meaning o f Sukkot.
Illus. by
Marvin Friedman. New York, Clarion, 1984. 88 p. (8-12)
Explains the origin and development o f Sukkot and its several lay­
ers o f meaning — from an agricultural festival to a commemoration
o f the Exodus and the nature o f man. Fascinating. Songs, stories,
glossary, terms, index.
Yossi asks the angels fo r help.
Illus. by Petra Mathers. New York,
Harper & Row, 1985. 64 p. (7-11).