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Yossi looks for angels around the Hanukkah candles to help him
solve his latest dilemma, but receives some unexpected advice from
the rabbi, instead. A witty, stylish Hanukkah story about the hasidic
community and free-will.
C o w e n , Id a
G u n t h e r , I r e n e .
A spy fo r freedom: the story o f Sarah
Dutton/Lodestar. (Jewish Biography Series), 1984. 158
p. (12 up)
An exciting, well researched biography which reads like fiction
about an authentic heroine who acted as a spy for the British to help
free her people from Turkish repression.
D r u c k e r , M a lk a .
Celebrating life: Jewish rites o f passage.
New York,
Holiday, 1984. 96 p. (10-14)
Combines midrash, legend, superstition, commentary and cus­
tom in a multifaceted presentation o f Jewish life. A thoughtful,
thorough presentation. Glossary and index. Useful for reference
and circulation.
F i n k e l s t e i n , N o rm a n
Remember not to forget.
Illus. by Lois and Lars
Hokanson. New York, Watts, 1985. 31 p. (7-11)
Dramatic woodcuts, artful book and text design, and a sensitive
text introduce the Holocaust and its commemoration to children. A
tasteful, welcome addition to the Jewish children’s library.
F r u c h t e r , Y a a k o v .
The best of Olomeinu: Pesach and other stories.
Illus. by Yosef Dershowitz. New York, Mesorah, 1984. (12 up)
A collection o f stories centering on the celebration o f Passover in
medieval Prague, during the Inquisition, and in modern Israel. Also
has stories o f faith and piety and o f false values.
G o t t l i e b , Y a f f a .
A thousand guests fo r Shabbos.
Aidel Backman.
New York, Aura, 1984. unp. (4-8)
A story about Sabbath guests in imitation o f Dr. Seuss.
G r e e n b e r g , J u d i t h
Jewish holidays.
(A first book). New York, Watts,
A rather dry introduction to Jewish holy days, holidays and the
Jewish calendar, without the rich commentary found in Chaikin and
Drucker. Recipes, crafts, reading list, index.
G r o n e r , J u d i t h S a y p o l
W i k l e r , M a d e l in e .
My very ownJewish com­
M D .,
Kar-Ben, 1984. 32 p. pb (5-10)
A photo tour o f what makes a Jewish community: the JCC, day
school, deli, bookstore, synagogues, social work agencies, cemetery,
old-age home, organizations, friends, and Jewish holidays.
H e l l e r , R a c h e l l e
M a r t i n , D ia n n e .
A le f basic: a guide to BASIC
programming, with facts, fu n and games from Jewish history and tradition.
M D .,
Kar-Ben, 1984. 40
p .
An attempt to teach BASIC computer knowledge along with Jew­
ish values which is appealing, but does not quite accomplish its goals.