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H i r s h , M a r i l y n .
I love Hanukkah.
Illus. by the author. New York,
Holiday, 1984. unp. (3-8)
A grandfather explains Hanukkah to his little grandson by read­
ing a book to him (and the readers) which relates the holiday story.
Later, the family celebrates together with a party.
I love Passover.
Illus. by the author. New York, Holiday, 1984.
unp. (3-8)
While helping her mother shop for Passover, a little girl asks that
she be told the story o f the festival. As the mother relates the tale,
Hirsh illustrates it. The book describes the child’s joy in the holiday
and a family seder.
I sa a cm a n , C l a r a
G r o s sm a n , J o a n A d e s s .
Clara’s story.
Jewish Publication Society o f America, 1984. 119 p. (10-14)
The story o f aJewish family hiding in Belgium during World War
II, and o f the members o f the Gentile resistance, who risked their
lives to shelter them.
K ipper , L e n o r e
B o g o t , H o w a r d .
Alef-bet ofJewish values.
Illus. by
Jana Paiss. New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congregations,
1985. 43 p. pb (8-12)
Twenty-three Jewish values are listed in English, transliterated
Hebrew and Hebrew. They are divided according to four themes:
Jewish Identity, God and Prayer, Community Values and Personal
Values, and their concepts are explained.
K r e sh , P a u l .
Isaac Bashevis Singer: the story o f a storyteller.
Illus. by Penrod
Scofield. Lodestar/Dutton (Jewish Biography Series), 1984. 149 p.
(12 up)
An adaptation o f the author’s adult biography which highlights
episodes from Singer’s less than promising beginnings and his bril­
liant present. Scofield’s drawings o f the shtetl and Singer’s life tran­
scend mere illustration. Singer bibliography included.
L e v o y , M y r o n .
The Hanukkah of great-uncle Otto.
Illus. by Donna Ruff.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society o f America, 1984. 48 p.
In an effort to restore his great-uncle’s spirits, young Joshua helps
him reconstruct a menorah like the one he had in Germany as a
youngster When Otto, dispirited, realizes that the new menorah
cannot replicate the old, Joshua takes desperate action.
M a rk , M i c h a e l .
Illus. by Neil Waldman. Scarsdale, New York,
Bradbury, 1984. 96 p. (8-12)
Nine stories about 10-year-old Toba and her poor Polish Jewish
family around 1910 that deal with economic survival and respect for
life and offer a child’s view o f her world.
M in d e l , N issan .
The storyteller.
Illus. by Y o se f Dershowitz. New
York, Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch ,
1984. 258 p. (10-14)